Monday, October 29, 2007


So today I thought I'd just post on some good things. (to sound like Martha)
Just some things that I've discovered or seen or liked lately that I wanted to share here.

So here we go...

1. (Pictured here) Glitter Bird Centerpiece. What a FUN project this would be. Don't know if I'd do it with birds or maybe with regular Christmas ornaments covered in glitter? You could also use very small branches and do several small trees going down the table.

2. Ali Edwards' Twas the Night Before Christmas card spinner project. Simply adorable!

3. Tim Holtz Grungeboard. I want some but don't have any yet! Can't WAIT to create something with this stuff. Here is a great video to show how cool the Grungeboard is. I think it will be available in November.

4. Lulubellas' Jumbo Fabric Trim packs! Aren't these so gorgeous? Kim and Cori are selling these at vendor night at Silver Bella! After Silver Bella they'll also have lots of things available in their Etsy shop. So keep a watchin' their blogs!

5. Peppermint Presents. I MUST make these this holiday season.
We just bought some of the peppermint ice cream (1/2 fat one) at the store. Here's the recipe -

Peppermint Presents

1 container of Dreyer's Grand Peppermint Ice Cream
1 package (about 20 ounces) brownie mix and/or premade 12-ounce loaf of pound cake
1 12-ounce can vanilla or white frosting
1 14-ounce package pull-apart red licorice string
Fresh mint leaves

You can find the rest of the recipe here. It was too long to post. :)

6. Stacey's Not-So-Random Advice quilt book. This is one of the most beautiful projects I've seen in a long time. Stacey is just overflowing with G0d-given talent and I admire her so much. You must click the link to see the rest of the book. You really must.

7. Doodlebug Sugar Coating Glitter Assortment. These are just the cutest little bottles ever. They also make chipboard letters that are coated with each of these glittery colors.

8. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss have a new duet CD that was just released - Raising Sand. Really beautiful music. She's been a favorite of mine for almost 13 years. (David and I started listening to her when we were dating) Click the link to hear song samples and see a short video.

9. MarieBelle Aztec Hot Chocolate. Oh my, what an indulgence. Don't know if I can spend the money, but it sure sounds tempting. Here is the description - From MarieBelle, the popular cacao bar in New York City, this is a true hot chocolate. It’s made from the richest, single-origin Colombian cocoa with a 63% cacao content – not cocoa powder. Preparation is simple: Just add boiling water for a full-flavored, European-style hot chocolate; or substitute hot milk if you prefer American-style hot chocolate. 20 oz. (12 to 14 servings). $22.50. Yeah, that much.

10. Rebecca Sower. Really, anything about her is inspirational to me. But this is her latest sneak peek of her Silver Bella wares for vendor night. Glitter, velvet, old things...I seriously can't wait. Be sure to scroll down her blog for other sneak peek photos.


The Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Kit that I designed for Right at Home Scrapbooking is almost ready for shipping! Be sure to reserve one before they sell out. It's really a fun project!

After dinner we're carving a really scary pumpkin. So says Noah. :)

Don't miss the new 80's video over there. ~~~>
I sure used to love that song. (WHY??)

Goodnight. I hope you enjoyed these beautiful things!

"Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic." ~Rosalind Russell


Shanna said...

Holy smokes! I gotta see more of that calendar! Toooooo cute! Thanks for linking to that quilt book! That's the most beautiful thing I have seen in a LONG time! Also....I have to admit I am a blog stalker. You always have such great eye candy here. I even used your banner in this layout I did for my latest Joy Journal entry. I gave it posted on my blog. Hopefully it will make you smile instead of thinking I'm a FREAK!!!! ROFL! Thanks for the constant inspiration!

Pearl Maple said...

Me too on the calendar ! How do you manage to find so many good things to report on ? All more tempting than the next?

SWaters057 said...

Ohhh Jen, I HAVE GrungeBoard! I was lucky enough to take 2 Tim classes earlier this month at Ruban Rouge and he introduced it to us! RR is the ONLY place where it is available. It is wonderfully delicious! I have 2 sets of the Alpha's and 2 sets of the flourishes. Fun, fun, fun. You will LOVE it!


Kate said...

Tose peppermint presents are adorable! I'll have to try them! Thank you for posting them.

Jana said...

What beautiful gorgeous things you've shared with us, Miss Jen! Stacey's little quilt album is just the cutest thing I've ever seen and I had NO idea about Alison & Robert Plant....that is just too cool, I love both of them too. I'll check that out. And oh yea, I'm thinking that I NEED that Doodlebug glitter pack too!!

Joanna said...

wow- those are all good things. Love the allison kraus update- she;s my fav. oh and the 'sugar' for y SBs? too sweet!! oh- and those pepermint presents are the perfect thing to bring to a party!!!!! Thanks for sharing soo many happy thoughts!!!

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

Oh Jen! I just love how you fill your blog with such scrappy-goodness! I'm drooling over everything here, and your kit is FABULOUS!! Thanks so much for giving me so much inspiration this evening!

Kendra said...

I held Stacey's quilt book in my own little hands last weekend. It's FABULOUS!!!

Thanks for sharing the link to Tim's Grungeboard. Hadn't seen that yet. Can't wait to get some!

Marie Starr said...

Love the peppermint present recipe! TFS! I sat spellbound, reading this entire countdown to Christmas; like a kid with a JC Penney Christmas catalog, looking at the toys! lol!!