Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Wow, is it really October 24th?

I just went thru my teaching closet and gathered more kits to put on Etsy. This is IT for these two kits, so when they are gone...they're gone! See listings over there ~~~>

Can I tell you how excited I am about Silver Bella?
Well, I AM. :D
In 16 days I head to Omaha for 3 days of glitter, girlfriends, junky glam, and vintage flair.
I cannot WAIT!!

You must see the website that Teresa's got up for Silver Bella.
First of all, the music - so fun! (turn up your volume)
Teresa, you know how to pick the good stuff.
Thursday night we have a private Bella gone junkin' shopping night at Second Chance Antiques. Friday we have workshops (more on that below), our Bella luncheon with special guest speaker Chris Brown, and the Junky Vintage Cowgirl dress up Vendor Faire! I've already got my cowgirl hat, pink boa, rhinestones, frilly black skirt! Just need a top, junky belt, and some more jewelry. I'm hitting thrift stores tomorrow.

The workshops. (sigh) You know it's gotta be good when some of the supplies for the workshops include - paintbrushes, vintage jewelry, and pinking shears. :) It was SO hard to decide, but here are the workshops I chose -

I am so thrilled to get to take classes from all of these inspirational women. And they are all participating in the vendor faire, selling their handmade creations. I'm gonna have a heavy suitcase coming home.

And one of the best parts of the weekend? I get to roomie with Jana, my sweet friend from San Antonio! And our suite mates are Heather and Maija! And yes, I'll take lots 'o pictures.

I'm participating in an ornament swap as well. Don't have them quite done yet, but think Anna Griffin red and white, red vintage flowers, white gold glitter, and light cream sheer ribbon. :) I'll post a photo of one when they are done. I had to order more paper for them online, lol. Also doing an ATC swap. Think glittery vintage cowgirl for those. :)

Ok...back down to earth....I'm off to load the dishwasher.

"To find your own way is to follow your bliss. This involves analysis, watching yourself, and seeing where real deep bliss is - not the quick, little excitement, but the real, deep, life-filling bliss." - Joseph Campbell


Heidi said...

Just 16 days! SIXTEEN DAYS?! Yipes! I can't believe it is sneaking up so quickly. I'm in the aqua & silver ornament swap and I have all my materials and the concept in my head, but I haven't actually started yet. I'm also doing the Christmas tag swap--same situation there. I had better get my rear in gear, huh? 16 days!

Are you doing the ATCs for a particular swap or just to swap with the other ladies? I hadn't even thought about making any, but maybe I will if I have time--I bet I will regret it if I don't! How many are you planning to make?

SIXTEEN DAYS! {SQUEAL} Can't wait to meet you!

Jana said...

Okay, I'm SO excited but am also quickly heading into major panic mode as I still don't have my outfit bought nor my swap things finished however I keep reminding myself we still have two weeks.....two weeks!! It'll all fall into place, I just know it and I truly cannot wait to spend some fun creative glittery foofy girly bonding time with you & the girls! Sqeeeeeeeeeal!!

Toko said...

I am soooooo jeaouls !!
When you come back , will you let me know all about it ??
by the way I have pre-purhased your kit... I can't wait to see that..
I am becoming a glitter girl, too. !!!

Debby said...

This sounds all so exciting. Your blog goes in my favorites. Really cool........

Valita said...

I can't wait to meet you in two weeks. I am also in the ATC swap. I am flying out early with Heather so we can get in a full day of shopping on Thursday. You ATC cards sounds so cute. See you soon!

Heather said...

Oh I am so jealous! It has been so long since I have done something scrappy fun like this! Have a wonderful time! ;)