Monday, October 01, 2007


YESSS...October is here! I love this month so much. :)

Um, I reorganized my ribbon AGAIN. I know...I just put it all in that bag with the holes. It hasn't worked for me lately because I've been needing to see all of my ribbon. So now it's all wound on large chipboard cards, secured with jeweled stick pins. I just love it. :) Who wouldn't be inspired by all of this color and texture? The basket is from Target, and it's a divided cutlery basket/tray. If you click on the ribbon storage photo you can see other photos and read more details.
I like that I can tuck my vintage sparkly ribbon cards right in the front, too.

After Saturday I'll be done teaching classes for the year and I'm just going to relax and scrapbook. That will be sort of nice, especially for the upcoming holidays. (I've already purchased 5-6 Christmas gifts!) Noah absolutely loves costumes and imaginative play. Two Star Wars costumes are hiding in the closet, ready for Santa to leave for him. This is a great time of year to find them, especially after Halloween when they all go 1/2 price.

Here's a little Office for you.
Michael's Birthday. :)


Heidi said...

I just hate myself because you are so organized. Ugh. Where is the motivation??? LOL

Cupcake said...

After halloween sales - that is EXACTLY how I grew my daughter's dress-up clothing collection! But quit telling people - now all the good stuff will be gone (LOL)!

Always enjoy your blog Jen!