Sunday, September 30, 2007


Good morning. :)
Another pumpkin craft for you, a la Martha.

Just drill some holes in a cleaned out pumpkin (or use those realistic-looking fake ones so it lasts!), place some white lights inside, drill a big hole in the bottom for the power cord to come out, push one light into each drilled hole, put the pumpkin top on, plug in the lights...pretty! I love these so much. I want to do some for my porch.
Ok, this is very cool... If you watch Donna's new video blog entry, she says some really nice things about me at about 6:00 minutes. (thanks, Donna!) :D
I had such a fun time yesterday teaching at Crop Paper Scissors in Waco. That is one awesome store with a great cropping room/classroom. I met some really wonderful women and loved seeing 16 different versions of the autumn garland project. I think that's my favorite part of teaching....seeing how others personalize the project. Emmalie, the store owner is so sweet. And how fun....we figured out that we are both going to Silver Bella in November!

1. I'm sitting here cutting coupons and watching While You Were Out. (you know, where they redo a room in someone's home while they are out of town?) They are re-creating the "hotel look" in a guy's home for him because he travels a lot for business. David (my dh) said, "that's the dumbest thing ever. Why would I want a hotel room in my home?" Hey honey, I know you are gone working a I redid the dining room to look like a cubicle. Happy relaxing!"
I don't know....just strange.
2. Noah loves raisins. He loves oatmeal raisin cookies. This morning I made homemade french toast with cinnamon raisin bread and he didn't like it. Because it had raisins in it. Kids.
3. I want to try these recipes this Fall -
4. New 80's video on the sidebar. ~~~> this song. I remember thinking, "ooooh, he's mad..." when he put the guitar thru the mirror. :D
SO excited that tomorrow October begins.
I'm teaching my Autumn garland class one more time next weekend - in San Antonio at Scrapbook 911 - Saturday, October 6th from 2-5pm. We are using the gorgeous Daisy D's new Autumn line, lots of glittery Stickles and Dimensional Pearls, and learning some new techniques. I hope I'll see you there!


karin a said...

Hi - They ARE beautiful, but just a warning (clearly from someone who wasn't warned.) When you plug them in and then touch them, say to move the pumpkin into the perfect spot, say for the perfect picture, they can and DO shock you!!! Yes, they do - that pumpkin is wet and that is an electrical cord, plugged into electricity!! Not so bad as a radio in the bathtub, but a warning is necessary nonetheless!!!!

Kara said...

hmmm...reading the above is making me think....go to michaels!! ;)

i saw one of paula dean's shows where she made that chicken soup...she was also wearing a cutie apron that said, 'country cookin' makes ya good lookin'. my kind of girl!!

glad that your classes went well in waco. that store is great!!

talk soon!

Tinka said...

Looking forward to another great class and project...and to seeing you again on Saturday!

Kate said...

What fun! Thanks for the recipes!

Jana said...

Very cool that you're coming to town to teach your garland class! hope I'm able to make it, need to check the family schedule and see if I can work it into our weekend....hopefully I'll see you there!!!