Friday, September 07, 2007


Happy Friday!

Just thought I'd share a few fun new purchases. :)

1. Fontwerks Starfiin Outline stamps - These are soooo cute! I saw them used on an acrylic album that Kara had last Friday night and just loved them. These are definitely stamps I can use a lot. (and you can fill in the stamped images with any color of!)

2. Kelly Panacci (for Sandylion) clear stamps - couldn't find them online anywhere...sorry! Love how they have handwriting lines in the circles!

3. Fontwerks Ticking rubber stamp - This is like tiny little handwriting paper lines. So so cute! I'll be using this a lot for journaling and letting Noah write on his scrapbook pages so he can start journaling, too. :)

4. Fontwerks Notes Acrylic stamp - Another great little journaling stamp.

5. Stickles - I have been using Stickles on some of my recent classes and absolutely LOVE them. I have about 8 more colors on the way, haha. They are really well priced, too!

6. Making Memories Christmas Epoxy Sweets - The new MM Christmas line this year, called St. Nick, is sooooooo beautiful. I love the old-fashioned look of it. Can't wait to use these.

7. Making Memories Halloween Chipboard Buttons - Halloween layouts are always fun. I loved the colors of this line!

8. Making Memories Christmas Chipboard Buttons - This line, Deck the Halls, has really fun colors.

We have a very busy weekend planned! Tonight is soccer practice, tomorrow night is a cub scout campout, and we are in charge of all of the food. I'll be making taco fixings for 50 people on Saturday. How relaxing! :D But I love that Noah is in scouts, so it's all good. Sunday afternoon we are hosting my niece's 5th birthday party at our house. Monday Noah's drama class has a field trip to see a musical. And Wednesday my brother-in-law and his 4-year old daughter and my mother-in-law are arriving to stay for 5 days. I spent most of yesterday morning making food to freeze so I wouldn't be chained to the kitchen while they are all here. Two more weeks until my weekend scrapbooking retreat...and I can't wait! :D

Do you ever get annoying telemarketing calls? Ever see the number on Caller ID but you don't know who it is? There is a really cool website - Who Calls Me? - and you can enter the phone number that just called you and find out info on it. People leave comments about the phone numbers...some really funny. So if you are ever unsure if someone is a telemarketer, look up the number on that site.

New 80's video over there ~~~>

Have a wonderful weekend!

Somebody told me it was frightening how much topsoil we are losing each year, but I told that story around the campfire and nobody got scared. ~Jack Handey
(remember Jack Handey from SNL? lol)


Anonymous said...

do you ever teach classes in wa state?

Jennifer Stewart said...

From Jennifer...
I've never taught classes in WA state, but you can have your LSS contact me if they are interested! :) Thanks!


Anonymous said...

how about a class in portland, or? i am just hoping that you could come closer to seattle. :)

Jennifer Stewart said...

Thanks! :D Just talk to your LSS and have them contact me!


Jana said...

Whew you're a busy girl these days! I was w/Kara when she bought those Fontwerks alpha stamps at GASC and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy them too although I DID buy those same journaling ones!

Kara said...

i love my fiinstar stamps!! i need to buy another set, i use them SO much!! i love filling them with my souffle pens.

looks like some awesome new goodies, i have been cleaning/purging/rearranging. nice!!!
where did you find them?? LOL!