Friday, August 17, 2007


Happy Friday! :)
Constantine's new CD came out last week. It's great! Very different than you think it would be. Even David liked it! You can hear clips of the songs here.

We are headed to David's 20th high school reunion this weekend. Noah gets to spend Saturday evening with a babysitter and the 4 sons of one of David's old classmates, so he's excited! That poor babysitter....5 boys under the age of 13. And I'm excited that David and I get a date night and are dressing up!

Here's another clip from The Office. Jim gets transferred in Season 3 to the Stanford branch office and is surprised to learn that they play a computer war game called Call of Duty. SO funny!

Have a good weekend!



Jana said...

Constantine.....swoon. Hope you & the hubby have a wonderful time at his reunion & the babysitter retains her sanity!

Kell said...

I have to know...did you find the scorpion? LOL

Have fun, oh and btw, Hi Jenn, long time no see!!!