Sunday, July 22, 2007


Happy Birthday, Teresa McFayden!! :D

July 23rd is Teresa's birthday and a bunch of us who are attending Silver Bella in November have been working on Project Party Hat for a few weeks now! Kimberly Kwan, our super organizer and secret keeper, had all of us design party hats for Teresa! She's actually going to receive all of these in the mail starting on Monday. I think there are about 40+ hats in the bunch. And they are ALL glittery, girly, and foofala-ish! (and you must look on Kim's blog, scroll down and look at her "sneak peek" posts. THAT is the hat she made for Teresa. gorgeous!)

David and I had an absolutely wonderful weekend celebrating our anniversary! We spent two nights at a charming cottage in Fredericksburg. My favorite part of the cottage was the bed linens! Huge king bed with a gold silk bedspread with another ivory silk bedspread over that and tons of pillows. It was just beautiful. (and comfy!) Below is a little photo from their website of what part of the room looked like. Isn't it gorgeous?

We had wonderful meals at the Fredericksburg Brewing Co., Fredericksburg Herb Farm, and Navajo Grill. (our favorite place there) We also bought some to DIE for chocolates at Chocolat, a little handmade chocolate shop. (had those for dessert on Saturday!)
Saturday afternoon we went to Becker Vineyards and Torre di Pietra vineyard for wine tastings. Fun!

I did a little shopping by myself on Saturday while David went to the Nimitz Museum. :) (He LOVES that place) I found a Christmas shop that I could have spent hours in and got some Shiny Brite etched bell ornaments and a string of old-fashioned candy cane lights! So excited about those for our old-fashioned tree this year.

On the way home Sunday we stopped in Johnson City (home of LBJ and Lady Bird Johnson) and ate lunch at The Silver K Cafe. We'd eaten here years ago and made a plan to stop for lunch. Our buffet was so, so good. Corn pudding, fried green tomatoes, omelettes, homemade biscuits, veggie frittata, fresh many things. And dessert was homemade bread pudding or mixed berry pie. Yum! Next door to the cafe was an antique/junk shop, so I spent a little time in there when we were finished eating. I swear I could have left with about 10 items. It was one of those places where you find SO many good things at fantastic prices, but it all adds up to a lot. So I came home with my two favorite things....

This aqua metal's big! (17"W x 13"H x 11"D)

And this cute little pink wooden shelf. Just had to get it for stamps!
(and it matches my other pink shelf, which will now hold something else)

I'm very glad to be home and ready to get back to the daily stuff.
- Jennifer

"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in." ~Robert Orben


Pearl Maple - Mandy Collins said...

Jennifer, thank you for sharing all those photos on your blog, you always manage to find so many interesting things to share with us but best of all is that blog banner, how cool.

Jana said...

I'm SOOOOO glad you had an awesome weekend and that the rain stopped for you guys too! I just adore Fredricksburg and even though it's so close, haven't been there in ages so I'm sure it's changed alot. Everything you did sounds just wonderful and I love you finds!!! I know Miss T will love your party hat too, well done!

Heather said...

Glad you had a great weekend! So laughing .. . . wondering if you were on the same time schedule as my friend who went to 3 different wineries on Saturday. She dropped me off in Austin Friday night, then spent the weekend with family in F'burg. She mentioned going to trade days as well. . . .ever done that? So thinking they might have some stuff you'd love there.

Carolyn Peeler said...

your crown is so cute.
Looks like you had a great weekend.
Love that bread box.

diana said...

hi... found your blog from Jana... am a fellow
austinite... which cottage did you rent in FBG?
I want to go there too !!!!!