Thursday, July 19, 2007


This weekend David and I are escaping to a bed and breakfast cottage to celebrate our 11th anniversary! :)

David planned the whole thing.....2 nights, 3 days in a cottage with full gourmet breakfasts, lots of antique shopping for me and museum walking for him...and he even found a local scrapbook store there for me to visit. :) We are also going on a tour of a winery nearby. I can't wait to sleep late, eat nice dinners, and just enjoy being with David. We've needed this!

We are so incredibly blessed to have so much family in town. Noah will be spending nights with both grandmas and his best friend/cousin, Luke. I have 3 goodie bags ready for him, one for each day we are gone. I always do this....leave him a bag to open for each day. Inside each is a note, a candy bar, either a movie or toy (Legos) and a book. He loves it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

"Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without." ~Dr. James C. Dobson


Carla said...

Have a wonderfully romantic weekend Jennifer! You (and hubby) deserve it!

And I love the idea of the goodie bag for each day while you are gone!

Kelli said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

SWaters057 said...

Happy Anniversary Jen and David. Enjoy your getaway!


Tinka said...

Happy Anniversary, Jennifer and David!! Are you by any chance spending the weekend in Fredricksburg? Great antiquing, museums and a new scrapbook store, which I've heard is really cute. ;o)

Jana said...

How wonderful & romantic and especially sweet because HE planned it! You are indeed blessed to have family close-by to help.....being military & moving around all the time, we never had that advantage unfortunately but we still managed to get away alone every now & then which is SO important! Have a wonderful time!!!

Rochelle said...

Happy Anniversary!! Does David happen to give classes to other husbands?? Have a great time.

jeanne said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Congratulations to you both.

Amy said...

Best Anniversary Wishes! That is one fantastic husband you have there. I truly hope you have the best weekend ever!