Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Good morning :)
Just some random things for today that make me smile. :)
There's Noah above with some of the strawberries we picked on Monday. What a beautiful day we had, just enjoying so much of God's creation. 55,000 strawberry plants are amazing to see.

I found a precious Etsy shop the other day..... White Paint and Ribbons. I'm in love with her banner
and that she has the phrase "impractical delights" on it. :) I bought this aqua/chocolate shabby pincushion from her to use during my classes. It will hold our needles for stitching our felt flowers. I can't wait to get it!

My sweet friend Stacey Kingman and her friend Angela are coming all the way from Aggieland to attend my class in San Antonio on April 14th. I'm just thrilled. :)

I put all of my bookplates and label holders into this old jar.
I love that the jar smells old when you open it.
So do the pink vintage paper flowers on the top shelf.
I love that antique store smell.

It's going to be sunny and in the 60's the rest of the week.
I love cool, sunny weather. Noah and I are going to get some flowers to plant today. Hopefully I can find some snapdragons, my favorite garden flower. It's funny because all of the flowers we planted last year froze during the huge ice storm. All except ONE flower that Noah insisted on getting last year. His is the lone flower in the flowerbed, alive and blooming. Maybe I should let him pick out the plants?

Have a wonderful Wednesday. :)
- Jennifer

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."
- Anne Bradstreet


LisaGW1 said...

Hey, Jennifer, your "antique store smell" sure struck a chord with me! For me, it's the "old book" smell. When I went to the library last week, I came across a book from the '50s in the kids' section -- and I sat there SMELLING it until my kids were ready to leave. Brought back so many wonderful memories of spending time at the library as a kid. I just LOVE books!!

Kara said...

jen!! noah looks so cute!! i *think* that we might be going to the same patch...well more local here. they have 2 locations??
email me...i am DYING to know if i am correct!

TracieClaiborne said...

You are so funny - I HATE that Antique Store smell. LOL! It smells musty to me. But I do love your taste and your jar and your paper flowers. So I'll keep you. :)

I love the smell of a scrapbook store, and Barnes and Noble, and while I'm at it, a doughnut shop. ha!

Shell said...

Yay for Etsy! Very cool pincushion!! I've been so bad about reading blogs lately... glad I came back!

Cupcake said...

I love snapdragons too. And not the dwarf ones other. I won't the big full-blown beauties!

Enjoy your weather. We are expecting snow tomorrow (said while stomping my foot and frowning)!

Have a great week!