Sunday, April 01, 2007


April....probably our busiest, but most fun month all year! Lots of school happenings and several birthdays happen this month.
Noah's turning 7 in a few weeks. Wow. :)

My sweet, sweet husband gave me the ENTIRE front room and moved his computer to the guest room. So I now have my own scrapbooking space/room. Yeah, I needed to reorganize again, huh? :)

I think I reorganize more than I scrapbook...but I love it. I've been having so much fun using and displaying my fun little vintage finds. And I have so much room now!

I'm not quite finished, but I'll post lots of pictures when I am.
In the meantime, here are a few....

The photo above is a big old jar that I store my chipboard flowers and stars in.
I just tied a brown ribbon around the top and added lots of Basic Grey rub-ons
to the jar. It sits open on my desk. :)

This is a little antique frog that holds a favorite quote. Next to it is an old
star-shaped cookie cutter. (I love stars)

I have a little display area across the room where I have a
small vintage cake stand, shown here, with some Foofala buttons tossed in.
Noah ran over to it and thought it was candy. :)
(only to me, son!)

So....I'm going for vintage/homemade/comfy/shabby.
I'm getting there!
One of the keys is to NOT keep packaging.
Most of it is unattractive anyway. :)

Have you SEEN Jenni Bowlin's new April Kit?
I'm in love! They are already sold out...but if you subscribe
you are assured of getting one each month from now on.

New video in the sidebar. ~~~~~>
How about a little Human League "Fascination?"

We are going field trip strawberry picking tomorrow!
Have a good Monday. :)
- Jennifer

"The wise and diligent traveler watches his every step, and always has his eyes upon the part of the road directly in front of him. But he does not turn constantly backward to count every step, and to examine every track. He would lose time in going forward." - Francois Fenelon


Kara said...

hey girl!! INSANE!! we are going strawberry picking this week!! ;)
love the jar!! what a cute idea.
have fun this month!! coming to the expo? i am teaching classes for scenic route, sassafras, and geez...can't remember the last one.

my month is already starting to plan itself.

Jana said...

You're going to have SO MUCH FUN decorating your room! If I had one that is EXACTLY how I'd decorate it too. I've been collecthing things for yrs. but for now it's either displayed somewhere else in my house or else boxed up ready & waiting till we get a bigger house. :-)

Staci said...

love looking at all the ways you store your supplies, I would'nt want to use them, they look to awesome!!! Love your decorating style!! Can't wait to see pic's of the finished scrap area!!

Sheila Doherty said...

Congrats on the extra space. Gosh, I just HATE organizing. I would much rather just be scrapbooking. Ugh. Hence the reason my space looks like a disaster. But it's good clutter. ;)

Gina Bolling said...

I think I love organizing just as much as scrapbooking, too. I love all your ideas and can't wait to see pictures of your new room!

Kris with a K said...

i love the reorganizing part too....and I am working on it this week. I just separated everything by color, and one night while falling asleep (thank you, Lunesta!), I realized what I would use for the brads, eyelets, flowers, etc.....I have eight of what I call 'sherbet cups'. They are about 8 oz bowls, with short, about 1 inch stems, and are pressed glass. so pretty! now I have to go clean up and take a photo for the blog!

And i really, really want to go try out Uncommon Objects (never been) but it is far too close to Hill Country Weavers...and I have said I can't go to HCW ever without a chaperone. It's like a crack house to me. I'd roll around in the yarn, and since it's on South Congress I don't think anyone would even notice! lol!

Have a great week!

Heather said...

Yeah your own room! It's been forever since I've blogged visited and I see I have a lot to catch up on! Hope you are doing well! ;) Can't wait to see the new room...what a sweet sweet hubby too!

TracieClaiborne said...

Oooh strawberry picking sounds fun! Are they ripe already?

I cannot wait to get my hands on Jenni's kit this month. We're packing them Thursday night and hopefully she'll have mine ready. Yay!

{Lara} said...

I love your idea of using rub-ons on the jar.

Enjoy your reorganising.
{Lara} in South Africa

shirley said...

LOVE the jar idea!! Enjoy reading your blog!

scrapbook911 said...

Love what you're doing...can't wait to see more pics of your new space!

jenn said...

love the rubons on the jar!! soo cool :)

forestsister said...

the jar w/rub ons completely caught my eye... once 'rubbed' how durable is the rub-on to glass? (would it scratch off?)

completely charming look to fresh!