Saturday, February 10, 2007


My class samples are all on display at Right at Home Scrapbooking, so if you are in that area, drop by and sign up for a class or crop! :)
Love this photo from inside my favorite store, Uncommon Objects. Be sure to click the "more" button on their homepage to see photos of the inside. Totally cool little nooks full of all kinds of antiques, junk, flea market things. I love to spend hours here!
I've been tagged! I was tagged by Shaunte a couple of weeks ago and never did it, lol...and now I've been tagged by Heather. So...I'm going to catch up today!

Shaunte's tag was to name 6 weird things about me and Heather's was to name 5 things you may not know about me. I'm going to be lazy and combine them...will do 6. :)

1. My alarm clock has to be set to go off at a time ending in "5" or "0." I can't have the alarm go off at 6:13. Must be 6:15 or 6:20.

2. I like food that is supposed to be hot to be scalding hot. I'd rather eat it that way and have to blow on it than have it served to me lukewarm. I reheat in the microwave if I'm at home and it's not scalding hot.

3. I know all of the lyrics to most 80's songs as I am hearing them. I love to sing in the car and I don't care who sees me. They should be doing it, too. :)

4. I was the county fair queen in the small town where I grew up in high school. I had to wear a tiara and a homemade glitter sash to the fair all weekend and hand out trophies at the hog and sheep judging competitions. I also got to cut in line for rides like The Zipper. Oh joy. :) I had to ride in nearby fair parades for an entire year, standing on a float in a formal, waving at people who just wanted me to throw candy at them. (which I didn't have)

5. I cannot drive a stick shift transmission. The first time I ever did, I crashed thru my Dad's metal office building. :) He made me drive that dumb truck all the way home after that and I've hated stick shifts ever since.

6. (dork alert) I still have my diary from elementary school, full of entries about Donny Osmond. :) I cried when he got married, even though he was 13 years older than me, lol. I'm not Mormon, but always had a huge crush on him. I've still never met him but think I'd cry if I did, LOL!

Have a happy Saturday!
- Jennifer

"You grow up the day you have your first real laugh - at yourself. " --Ethel Barrymore


Jana said...

Ok, this is scary but I am just like you on #1,2,3,5 & 6!!! My kids freak out because I know all lyrics to 80s songs too but I've never been any sort of queen unfortunately!

StaceyKingman said...

Jennifer, you are adorable. But I can't see you cutting in line - even if you had permission to!