Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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Good morning!

And here is where I find myself a lot of mornings. At my desk with coffee and water and my ratty little spiral notebook with my "to do" list. I don't have a neat organizer notebook. I have a 97 cent spiral notebook from Walmart that fits in my purse. I have sticky notes on lots of the pages from other places. I have pages torn out. And it doesn't look very tidy...but it works! The Franklin planner people hate people like me.

I'm working on my next class, which will be February 3rd here in Austin. I'll probably have extra kits available for purchase here on my blog, too. I'm thinking it's going to be a big canvas class. :) (similar to the one Ali Edwards did in a past issue of Creating Keepsakes)

There is a street here in Austin that is SO much fun during Christmas. Every house on the block decorates...but they don't just decorate normally. This is Austin, you know. They cover entire homes with lights. And BBQ grills. And air conditioning units. And have truly weird Austin themes going on. I think one house is even covered in lights still in their boxes, haha. A little tacky...but FUN. :) It's best to walk to see everything because you get to walk thru their yards..even into their backyards. We are planning to go down there sometime this week. Until then, here is a video I found that gives you an idea. There's a reason why they have t-shirts that say "Keep Austin Weird." :D

(be sure your sound is on..the music is great!)

(click the photo to play video)

Blessings to you!
- Jennifer

"What must our natures be like before God can feel at home within us? He asks nothing but a pure heart and a single mind. He asks no rich paneling, no rugs from the Orient, no art treasures from afar. He desires but sincerity, transparency, humility, and love. He will see to the rest." - A. W. Tozer


nat said...

hehe - my to do list looks quite similiar!

Heather said...

Love that quote! Just checkin in on you! :)

sherlonkahkai said...

Oooooooh, I love 37 1/2 Street and cannot wait to make our annual trek to it this Saturday. I love the house with all the lights in the front and back yards --- the eggs on the skillet, the running water lights and the whiskey bottles filled with lights. Love it.

-- Sherry

Elorra said...

Oh, thanks for sharing. We haven't gone down there yet this year. You had fun. I do love that music too. Where can I get my own copy????
Thanks, Elorra

Shan said...

Gotta love a gal who crosses off a list like that!! It's just so satisfying, isn't it?? Never been to that part of Austin, but it reminds me a little of Chuy's!!

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

that is a wild lookin neighborhood. hilarious! the pigs in the oven cracked me up. that's a fun date night! lol