Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Hi! :D

Just 10 more days to sign up before my first "Scrapbook Your Home" class on December 9th! There is still some room if you'd like to take the class. I also have extra kits available for students, so please sign up for those when you sign up for the class. Call Scrapbook Crossing to register on the phone. :) ($23/person; extra kits $20 for class participants)

These would make awesome handmade Christmas gifts!

I got to hang out at Scrapbook Crossing for a while today. A big "HELLO" to Kris, who recognized me from my blog. Thanks for saying hi to me! :)

I added the first confirmed travel teaching date to my schedule on the right. Yay!
Several more are pending... Ali and Donna both taught at this store and I've heard it's an absolutely amazing place! Can't wait. :)

Three weeks ago a teenager knocked on my door and handed me an Ipod Shuffle. He had found it in our yard and wanted to know if it was ours. Amazing, huh? I mean, how many teenagers would like a free Ipod? I told him how wonderful I thought it was that he turned it in. I thought it might be ours because David had cleaned out my car earlier and I assumed he dropped my Shuffle. Turns out it wasn't mine, so I emailed our Homeowner's Assocation. They emailed the neighborhood and told residents to email me if they were missing an Ipod. I had several inquiries, but none that matched the description and the music content.
(which by the way, STINKS, lol. Lots of progressive dance music, weird techno stuff, and the most annoying Tejano rock ever)
So three weeks have passed and no one is claiming it. I've emailed the neighbors again, asking the teen to come back to our house and get the Ipod. (along with an Itunes gift card) I want him to be rewarded for his honesty and for setting such a good example. The ironic thing is....we've had a few car break-ins in the neighborhood where people have left Ipods, laptops, cell phones, purses, etc. in their cars and had them stolen. But no one has claimed this particular Ipod. I wonder if it belongs to the thief?

If you missed "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on TV tonight, just watch it in my sidebar. :)


"Honesty: the best of all the lost arts." - Mark Twain


Kris in TX said...

I got to hang out at Scrapbook Crossing for a while today. A big "HELLO" to Chris, who recognized me from my blog. Thanks for saying hi to me! :)


Here's a shout right back to you! Was so nice to meet you in real life, but I think I came off like a star-struck stalker. I'll behave better next time, I promise!

You'll love Crop Paper Scissors in Waco. I was there at the beginning of the month. (there was a huge retreat from a message board that took place in Waco, and those of us who didn't get spots there were in Salado. but i digress....we met up on Sat to tour the Dr Pepper museum together and ransack CPS...45 scrappers all at once come in the door! I'll bet we made their sales for the week!) It's a great store, and a SUPER class area.

Kris in Tx....too nervous to activate my blog on blogger!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Kris! Yay, you commented! LOL You were so nice today and I appreciated you saying hi so much. :) (and I'm gonna fix your name spelling...oops!)


courtney gregory said...

congrats Jen on your first confirmed travel date. how exciting :)


Heather said...

Been away from the blogs for awhile. . . was reading and saw you were teaching at a store both Ali and Donna taught at and wondered if it was CPS. tehehe . . .should've checked the sidebar, huh? Congrats!

And cool about the kid who turned in the ipod. Good for him.