Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Hi! :D

Another fun but busy week. Today I'm putting up my Christmas tree and getting lights up outside. Noah wants colored lights on the tree this year, so we need to go to Target for those. Darn, I just haaate going to Target. (yeah, right...) :D

We are hosting 21 people for Thanksgiving this year, although 1/2 of those are kids! Everyone is bringing something to eat, so all of the work isn't on one person. I can't wait! I wish it was going to be cooler, but it will be a perfect day for the kids to be outside. I glittered my pumpkins yesterday (see a few posts down) and they are so pretty on the table. I'm leaving the bathroom decorated for Fall and will change that to Christmas on Friday. Speaking of Friday....we are getting up at 5:30 a.m. to go to Starbucks then hit the stores! It's become a tradition. By "we" I mean my Mom and my sisters. No way David would do that! He gets to watch the UT/A&M football game with all of the other husbands and kids. :)

I've had such a great response to my new "Scrapbook Your Home" classes that I'll be teaching. I'm working on getting several locations on the calendar and then I'll post them in my sidebar. Hopefully you can come to one of my classes if you aren't in Austin! If you ARE in Austin, my first class is December 9th. Hurry and sign up! (link to the right)

I didn't mention it here....but two weeks ago on Thursday, David and Noah were in a car accident. A 19-year old driving a Corvette turned left in front of David and he didn't have time to stop. He totalled the car at 40 mph. None of the three of them were hurt, except David had some bruising and cuts from the airbag. (that thing packs a punch!) God really took care of my boys that night. Down to one car, we are now searching for another. I think I'll be getting an Odyssey mini van. We found a white one with leather and a DVD player ...ready to go. And Hondas are the best...so we are leaning towards getting this van. Last night, on our way home from test driving, a deer ran out in front of our car! Sheesh, lol. David slammed on the breaks and we skidded in the middle of the two lane road. Thank God no cars were coming the other way. There was a car behind us but thankfully he was paying attention enough to slow down. (Tailgaters are one of my pet peeves) Needless to say, David and I are not too fond of driving lately!

I'm so excited...I get to meet my sweet friend Heather when she comes to our LSS in February. Can't wait to hang out together!

Some of my latest favorite little things....

1. Chris Daughtry's new CD. SO good! I downloaded it today.

2. Starbucks holiday coffee beans. Love grinding these in the morning!

3. My new Christmas Jingle Bell tree from Cracker Barrel. Their little general store is SO cute and full of Christmas things in these colors this year. They also have a great red/light blue section, another popular color combo for Christmas this year.

4. The Peanuts holiday DVD collection! I just got this so we've been having fun watching them. They never get old.

5. Yankee Candle Mandarin Cranberry plug-in room fresheners. These smell SO GOOD and are so convenient! I have one in the hallway and one in the kitchen. After you buy one with the base, you can just buy the scent refills for them.

6. Noah's Land's End fleece footed pajamas. He looks so darn cute in these things. He's a cover-kicker, so these ease Mommy's mind that he's not going to freeze at night. :) (and they come in adult sizes, too, FYI)

7. My Target green global market tablecloth. I got this for one of the extra tables I'll set up for Thanksgiving. It will look so pretty with the glittered pumpkins. (and I can use it for Christmas, too)

8. Peppermint Mocha creamer. I love having this during the holiday season! You can also have a mason jar of soft peppermint sticks nearby as stirring sticks. :)

9. Holiday Specs. Ok, these are the coolest things. They are 3D glasses, but when you put them on, every Christmas light on the tree changes into something else. The ones I got are snowmen! So when you put on the glasses, each of the Christmas lights looks like a little snowman. I got them at the Cracker Barrel store, same place I got the jingle bell tree. :) They have Santas, reindeer, the words "Merry Christmas" and lots of other styles. I'm going to put them ON the tree as a decoration so people can just take them off the tree to try them out.

10. Daisy D's Mistletoe Memories old-fashioned Christmas scrapbook papers. These are so cool and remind me of when I was little! I can just picture the presents under the Christmas tree wrapped in these prints. I'm going to frame a few pieces of these papers when I do the Christmas bathroom.

Ok, enough enabling for now. :) Gotta go!


"What seems too difficult for us is a sure sign that it belongs to God." - Marie DePree


Lorry said...

Sorry to hear about the "accident" with David and Noah. I am glad they are ok though.. God was definately watching :-)
Can't wait to see where you will be teaching.. those lucky ladies can meet my idol LOL

courtney gregory said...

Love that Christmas tree with the bells! I'll have to make a trip to Cracker Barrel to see what they have! :)


susan said...

I have a white odyssey and I love it. My 3 boys have been rough on it but it is still great. You will love it. My husband had a free rental so we rented a Town and Country for a road trip we took last month and boy did we miss the Odyssey.

Carol said...

I am so pumped that Heather is coming to Scrapbook Crossing. I also am so excited to meet her. I don't know what my schedule is going to be on the 9th but I am hoping to get out there to your class and if not to class just to say hi because I do miss ya. Glad to hear David and Noah are OK. Praying you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Carol

Heather said...

Oh you are such an enabler! I so am going to Cracker Barrel tomrrow to get one of those CUTE trees...LOVE it! And so glad no one was hurt in the car accident! God is good! And I so can't wait to meet you either...sure hope you aren't being a world traveler during that time! THat would be so sad!

Josie said...

Love your list! The peanuts holiday DVDs are my favorite! And yeah for Yankee Candles!

Jenn said...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL POST!! Love your list...Hmmm and the pictures are so cute!! Have a happy Thanksgiving

nat said...

Thanks for the enabling -that is fun!

Jen said...

The Lord is sooo good isn't he? I'm glad your loved ones are safe and sound.

Kimber McGray said...

Happy Thanksgiving my Friend!

Stay off the roads will ya? ;)

Have a great day with your family!


Jana said...

I'm happy you guys aren't out on the roads this Thanksgiving....I'm SO sorry to hear about the wreck but thankful your boys are alright. My SIL was in a wreck about 2 weeks ago too! Hope your Thanksgiving went well & good luck shopping tomorrow!!