Thursday, October 05, 2006


Here's another layout I did recently. Love this one!

I won't be submitting this one because of the photo I had to blur out (ha) but dang, is it cute!

Noah and his cousin obviously like markers. So thankful for WASHABLE ones! :D

(you can click on the layout to see it larger)

I'm working on my December "Scrapbook Your Home" class project right now, so this will be a short post. I love how it's turning out!

Ok, I like the R.E.M. song "Shiny Happy People," but when they appeared on Sesame Street and sang "Furry Happy Monsters," I loved that! So, so cute and makes me smile every time. Funny how the R.E.M. guys are trying not to laugh..haha. So, here it is! Enjoy!

Happy Thursday to you all! :D
- Jennifer

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Trinka said...

Great layout! I love how you use so many photos. Yes washable markers are the best.

Peggy said...

Are you gonna post your project when it's done? Hope so. Have a great day.