Monday, October 02, 2006


Just a quick post today as I need to finish my grocery list and mail a layout at the post office. :)

I've started trying to go thru some things in the garage and PURGE.
So last night I got a pile of things ready to put in the trunk to drive over to Goodwill.
I'll be doing that at least 3 times a week....filling the trunk.
I can't wait to have a tidy garage again!
It's becoming the "put it in there until later" place and I want to change that.

Above is a layout I did this weekend. Love putting as many photos as I can
on the page. And there really wasn't one I wanted to leave out of this set, ha.
He's such a goofball.

Here is another one of my latest favorite commercials. Audrey Hepburn
is so cute and The Gap is SO cool to use this song and film clip!

Oh, and finally.....STACEY WON! :D

Have a good Monday!
- Jennifer

"Rich is the person who has a praying friend." - Janice Hughes


Tawnya said...

Super fun layout! love all the photos! I need to try harder in getting more than one photo on a layout! you did superb!

Love your *rich is the person*... wow, so true!

Happy October!

Chiara said...

great layout. I so need to purge too.

Kim said...

Great layouts. I remember when you took those pictures. Good Luck on the purging. It's a great feeling!


Shanna C said...

I like to get lots of photos on one page, too, because I hate to throw anything out. Your little guy is a cutie! Love the layout...