Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Noah started first grade today. :) I knew it would be like pulling teeth to get ANY commentary out of him after school, but I tried anyway....

Me: "Noah, tell me about school! Did you have a fun day?"

Noah: "It was looooooooooooong. And I left my water bottle in the classroom."

Me: "How was math?
Did you do any new work today?"

Noah: "Math....was very bad.
Language Arts was......bad.
History was...super bad.
Science was PURE bad.
P.E. was super duper great. We played floor hockey."


He said silent reading time was SO boring because they had to read "Ned" books. Those are the little phonetic books with rhyming words and sentences like "Ned went to bed. Ned's bed is red." Noah read Calvin and Hobbes books all summer and can read words like "transmography" and "gullible." Think I'll have to send some books for him, haha.

I love this kid so much. We got chocolate malts after school and came home and played Monopoly, Jr.
Good day. :)

About a month ago I bought a bunch of wooden tool caddies and altered them. I haven't shown them all on here because I'd like to teach them as a class soon. However, here is the one I made for his teacher. She loved it and it's on her desk. :)
I used the new Daisy D's Classroom stuff....so cute!! (I blanked out Noah's teacher's name)

(click on the photo to see it larger)

Have a great night! - Jennifer

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em said...

First...he looks adorable!! Second...can't you please move to my district!!! :)

RN4JCHRIST said...

YAY! for the first day of school!
You are soo creative girl!! love the caddy! ~Dawn

Cari said...

I'm sure my daughter will be exactly the same way after her first day of Grade 1 in a few weeks!! ;)
Glad you had fun after school though!
Love the altered caddies too! What a great teacher gift.

Maureen said...

Whoa! Cool kid...my favorite is Calvin and Hobbes too!

Heather said...

ROFL on his commentary of his "bad" day! Hey, at least he likes PE . . .the one class my kids would avoid if they at all could!

Loving that caddy! Hmmmm . . . .will have to remember that one in the future!

AnnK said...

Come teach it at SC, that is adorable!!! Or maybe it's "super bad" like history! Noah is too cute and probably too smart for his own good! Enjoy that boy!

melissa said...

such a cute picture of your DS :) and LOL at what he thought of his first day

I LOVE your altered tool caddy!-super cute :)

Kelly Miller said...

HAHA! Your son is too funny :)

Love that caddy!

Kimber McGray said...

just super cool tote jen.
noah is a hoot!
what a silly boy?

CircesMagic said...

Aww, your Noah is adorable! The teachers gift is very nice...I should make one for hubby to keep the bills in, LOL!

SWaters057 said...

And just how cute can one kiddo be on his first day of school? Poor Noah, school only gets worse from here!! Sue

Cheryl Wray said...

Noah's comments are precious!! Kids just put it out there for you with honesty, don't they? LOL
Love the caddy. Too cute!!!

Amanda Barras :) said...

Super cute!!! (Noah and the wodden caddy) Are you planning on teaching that at Scrapbook Crossing??? Hope so!! Happy Wednesday!!!


Lynn said...

The first day of school can be very tramatic for the young ones. I'm sure the malt after schools help ease his pain.
The tool caddys are wonderful. What a Great Idea.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Wow, you got alot out of him for a first day! I bet his teacher loved the tote - it is brilliant!

Robyn said...

OMGoodness, Noah is too CUTE!!! I agree, awesome tote!

PROLIX said...

too cool!

Sheila Doherty said...

Jennifer, that caddy is SO cute! Love what you did with it! Where'd ya get it? That's a great teacher gift idea. My dd is the same age as your ds; she starts 1st grade in 2 weeks. It's all day! What am I going to do with myself?

Heidi said...

That tool caddy is adorable! LOVE the Daisy D's paper. Thanks for sharing!

TracieClaiborne said...

Hey Jen! I just caught up on reading your blog. I've had to read fewer blogs lately - they were taking over my life! LOL! I love yours though. I love keeping in touch with your life.

Your little one is so funny. He needs an advanced reading program! Do they even do that in public school? I have no clue.

I just saw your peanut butter pie recipe. Sounds divine! I must make it soon. Thanks!

Love your altered caddy! That DD paper is perfect for it! You're so clevah.

Lamech said...

And you didn't even mention the 7 or 8 incredible meals you whipped up for us this week. They were awesome by the way.
Pizza tonight! I'm comin' home baby!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and love the layout of it. Did you design it yourself?

Jennifer Stewart said...

Thank you, Marla! I used a template from Blogger but changed a few things with HTML codes. Just poking around on other people's sites is how I learned. :)


Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

oh i'm so happy to get to catch up w/ your blog tonight. : )
I'm LOL at Noah's being bored in Reading. I can totally understand.
I hated reading the "Bob" books with Kindergarteners.
This year I went back to work... I'm teaching 2nd. Your altered caddy is so cute!! Lucky teacher. : )