Saturday, August 12, 2006


Ahh. Nice way to start a Saturday. Venti iced coffee with cream.
It's nice having a brand new Starbucks just 2 miles away.

Today will be busy because we are celebrating my twin sisters' birthdays tomorrow afternoon. Just sisters, grandparents, the kiddos. I need to do lots of cleaning and prep today. We went out early this morning and cleaned the patio chairs and tables. Not that we'll be sitting outside much if it's 100 degrees.

Right now Noah is Swiffering the wood floors for $1. :-D
It's doubling as a light saber, too, so he's enjoying himself.

I've been working on Design Team assignments for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This makes me SO excited about Fall approaching and the holidays coming. YAY! I've enjoyed summer, but am ready to get out my Fall decor.

Noah's kindergarten teacher from last year is a new Stampin' Up rep. She's invited me to several parties, so I finally went to one a few weeks ago at her house. Had lots of fun and ordered a couple of things. I got this awesome stamp set that I'll be using a lot on my scrapbook pages. Isn't it great? (It's called "It's a Date") And yeah, those are three of the highly sought after Uniball Signo white pens. Stampin' Up carries them now so I ordered 3 of them. She said, "what are you gonna do with 3 of these?" ha :) I showed her how well it writes on cardstock and photos and now she's sold, too.

I'm going to make a pot roast in the crockpot so we can have it for dinner. I love how it makes the house smell! Tomorrow night my Mom is bringing the main dish, so I'm making a big salad. This is one of our family favorites, so here's the recipe:

Spinach Strawberry Salad
SO good, easy, and perfect for this time of year!

Have a fantastic weekend. :D
- Jennifer

"God speaks to us through our desires, then as we lay them at His feet, He helps us sort them out and quiets our hearts to accept what He has already prepared." - Rosalind Rinker


chris jenkins said...

those are cool stamps! maybe I will have to indulge in those!

enjoy your family party - those are the best times! and thanks for the recipe - love love spinach salad of any kind!

Jana said...

Totally cracking up envisioning Noah waving your swiffer stick around like a light saber!! Girl, I can SO relate. Two more days till school!!!!!!!!!!!!

melissa said...

ohhh I want one ;) lol

great new stamps! and you gotta love the signo pens :)

sharon reynolds said...

oooh so jealous over those stamps and pens!!! gotta get me some of both!

glad to hear you got a starbucks so close ... what did we do without that place? i shudder to think.

thanks for the salad recipe, spinach and strawberries are two of my favorite foods!

sharon reynolds

Dee said...

Jennifer - Would you believe those things from Stampin' Up are exactly what my last 2 purchase from them were ? Ha. I love them both & sure you will to!

StaceyKingman said...

I want those stamps. AND I love the quote. It really spoke to my heart today. Thanks...

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE the white signo pens. In fact, I really need a few more. LOL
That salad sounds delicious. Gotta try that one!