Friday, August 11, 2006


This is my style. Lots of patterned papers. Groups of embellishments. Fun colors. Always inked edges, though not always messy ink. Lately I found myself straying away from my style on my work...and I was in a major creative funk. And now I know why. I need to stay true to myself and that feeling of "yes, that's it" when I finish a page. There's nothing like it!
(you can click the layout to see it larger)

Friday morning my sister and her husband are finding out if they are having a boy or a girl in December. :) There are six grandchildren on this side of the family. Five boys, one girl. Poor Jane needs a gal pal! We will be happy and blessed as a family either way. We grew up as 4 sisters, no these boys are so foreign to us! :)

Have you seen the cool new GAP ads on TV? Love them! Lots of doodling and swirlies all over the place. You can see the way cool commercial HERE.

Oh...and you're welcome for the chocolate peanut butter dessert recipe. I had no idea how many diets I'd ruin! :) Noah and I made homemade pancakes for breakfast this morning. The look on his face when he flipped the pancake over all by himself was SO precious. We sprinkled chocolate chips into some of the pancakes, but I think he ate more chips than he sprinkled on the batter. :D Breakfast is one of my favorite meals to prepare when I have a long time in the morning. (and a big crowd helps, too!)

Here is a recipe you can prepare the night before and pop into the oven the next morning. How yummy to smell this baking on a Saturday morning!

Baked Blueberry French Toast (love Steph's recipes!)

Have a blessed weekend!
- Jennifer

"Your greatest pleasure is that which rebounds from hearts that you have made glad. " - Henry Ward Beecher


melissa said...

#1-love love love your LO!! left you praise on 2peas ;)

#2-I love the new Gap commercials too-so cool :)

and last..Oh my gosh that chocolate peanut butter pie sounds sinful. TFS

Toni said...

Love the LO!

Anonymous said...

love the layout... and I'm glad you love it too, that's so important! always stay true to yourself and have fun!!!

Adrienne said...

Great LO!

Cari said...

I LOVE your layout!!!
LOVE "your" style!!

And thanks again for the great recipe!!

Karen said...

Beautiful layout!!! Have a great weekend!


Sophia C. said...

Love the layout! Love the recipes! I'll be trying the french toast tomorrow! Thanks! Have a super day!


rosagirl said...

Great layout! And thank you for the recipe! :D

Jlyne Hanback said...

HOLY cow - this layout is so gorgeous!! Love it!!!