Saturday, November 12, 2005

2 Things...

Cool, I've been tagged! Thanks to my friend Robin I now have a fun list of questions to answer. So, here it goes!

2 Names you go by

Jennifer, Jen

2 Parts of your heritage
Native American, ?

2 Things that scare you
Tornadoes, flying

2 of your everyday essentials
Lipstick, Dream Curls Curl Perfecter

2 Things you are wearing right now
khaki crop pants, pale pink t-shirt

2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment)
Jeremy Camp and Nickel Creek

2 favorite songs at the moment
I'll Take You Back and When In Rome

2 Things you want in a relationship (other than real love)
Dedication to the Lord, honesty and humor (ok, that's three...)

2 Truths
I have lots of secret unorganized drawers, closets, etc. and I know all the words to most 80's songs (and still sing them)

2 Physical things that appeal to you in the opposite sex
My husband's beautiful hazel eyes and his sexy almost-bald head! :) (he shaves it really short)

2 of your favorite hobbies
Scrapbooking and Cooking!

2 Things you want really badly
To be thinner and to have another child (those don't really go together, huh? lol)

2 Places you want to go on vacation
Hawaii and New England

2 Things you want to do before you die
See Noah get married and have children and custom-build a home

2 Ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick
I have lots of clothing, accessories and jewelry with sequins and rhinestones :) and I love to shop

2 Things you are thinking about now
That I need to go to the grocery store and that I need to finish some scrapbooking projects this weekend

2 Stores where you shop
Target (Tarjaaaay) and Central Market (ok, it's a gourmet grocery store, but I love it because I love to cook!)

2 People you would like to see take this quiz
Maureen and Gretchen

Have a blessed weekend. We are off to the lake for a big family BBQ! My Uncle Ralph, the champion BBQ cook off chef, is in charge. Can't wait! :)


"As white snowflakes fall quietly and thickly on a winter day, answers to prayer will settle down upon you at every step you take, even to your dying day. The story of your life will be the story of prayer and answers to prayer."
- Ole Kristian O. Hallesby


Hanni said...

Hey lady...
you've been tagged twice, actually! (but i was a slacker and forgot to email and tell you)
So much fun reading your answers! :)

Nas said...

Very fun to read your answers! I have so been jonesing to go to Hawaii lately!!

Anonymous said...

mission accomplished! I fill out my tag - look at my blog. Nice to get to know a little bit more about you!

chris said...

i have enjoyed going around from blog to blog reading these - I love the fact that you love to cook too - all those yummy recipes you share are just awesome!

Miss Carrie said...

Loved your answers! But you 'sheeted'! You answered three things on some of them...but it's okay, I still like you :o)

stephanie said...

Love reading cool stuff about you!

Wish we had a Central Market closer to us. I love HEB!

Have a fun weekend.


TracieClaiborne said...

Loved reading your answers! I also love how you always have a little quote or vs. at the end of your blog posts. You are so darn cool!

Robin said...

Hey girl! Fun to read about you! Thanks for taking on the challenge! :-)