Sunday, July 03, 2005

Tee-rific Saturday

I had a wonderful day yesterday. (Saturday) I got to spend some really good quality time with my Mom, something we haven't been able to do in quite a while. Yesterday morning she was finally ready, so we went thru my Dad's clothes and sorted them for donation. It was hard at times since I have so many memories of him in the different shirts that were hanging up, or I saw things I had given him for Father's Day. (I'm sorry for giving you that awful "Tee-rific Dad" golf tie, Dad!) :) My sister Jessica took a bunch of his most meaningful shirts and she is going to make small lap quilts out of them, one for each grandchild for Christmas. So there's one good holiday cry to look forward to. What a special gift that will be.

After a stop at Goodwill, we headed to the mall. How fun to walk around and shop, child-free, just me, my Mom, and my sister! Every once in a while I got that panicky feeling and looked around, "where's Noah?!!" Such a Mommy thing. Anyway, my Mom is quite a talented interior decorator, so I was glad to have her with me while I chose bedding for our bedroom. I had a few color schemes in mind, but looking at them in person was very helpful. She loved everything I did, but also encouraged me with certain colors over others. At the end of the day, I came home with a gorgeous quilt, shams, and pillow from Pottery Barn. (see photo above) I'll use the white sheets, and a tan matelasse bed skirt. I'm also throwing in some dark red with a few throw pillows in red prints. It's SO pretty and so not what I expected to buy! I was thinking I'd come home with something else, but I thought, "why not? Let's change it up!" and I did. The wall won't be the dark blue,'s the Behr Pepper Spice color. (see Thursday's post below) I can't wait to see it all together! Hopefully that will be early this week. And God, thank you for my patient, sweet husband who never says a word when I say, "I think I want to paint the bedroom and change everything!" As long as there's a sheet and a pillow, he doesn't care. I sure love him. :)

Today I need to work on baby shower plans for this weekend. We'll also be going to church tonight to a Steve Green concert. David is so excited as he's loved his music for years.
I will be going to a scrapbooking retreat in September. I can't wait! I plan on doing nothing but working on my Disneyworld trip album. I have 1400 photos (digital) that I need to sort thru, print, and categorize so I can start planning layouts. I need to start this summer so the retreat is well-planned and I take everything I need. I have some really cool ideas for the album, not really Disney-traditional. I want the layouts to be fun and colorful, but not all with Disney products. I got these AWESOME new scrapbook papers from KMA called Dirty Laundry. They are fabulous! Bright colors with distressing on them. I think they'll be perfect for Disney layouts.
Ok....another recipe. :) We spent Memorial Day weekend with my best friend, Marley, and her family in Houston. While we were there her husband, Jace made this wonderful homemade ice cream! His Dad had made it for him so he tried it out on us. It has a great flavor and you can taste the little "fizz" from the strawberry soda. Try it for the 4th!

Strawberry Soda Ice Cream
2 liters of strawberry soda
2 pints of strawberries
2 cans of Eagle Brand milk

Blend 1 pint strawberries in the blender. Chop 1 pint of strawberries into small pieces. Mix all ingredients together and freeze in your ice cream freezer according to manufacturer's directions. YUMMY!

Happy Sunday, everyone! :)
- Jennifer

"It is important to receive God's arrangement in the circumstances. This arrangement is the discipline of the Holy Spirit. To escape God's arrangement just one time is to lose an opportunity to have our capacity enlarged. A believer can never be the same after passing through suffering." - Watchman Nee

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Carla said...

Jennifer -- Love your new bedroom stuff. Can't wait to see all these decorating projects of yours as they come together. Then maybe you can help me with mine :).

I can relate to going through your dad's things. I went through the same bittersweet experience with my mom a few years ago. The quilt idea is fantastic! What a great way to pass on a piece of your dad.

Finally, I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on simplifying, and especially about watching for overlapping commitments. It was a good reminder for me. :)