Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whatever Wednesdays: Music Talk

Good morning!

Probably anyone who knows me knows that I love Tony Bennett, Michael Bublé, and any of the old standards singers.  Tony Bennett released his Duets2 album last week and it's so wonderful.   He sings The Lady Is a Tramp with Lady Gaga, and she is amazing!    He recorded the duet with Amy Winehouse just four months before she died.  Her voice is so unique.  And of course, a duet with Michael Bublé is one of my favorites.   They are all so good..I highly recommend getting this.  Listen to some previews on Itunes here!

Some other music I've been previewing on Itunes.  Let me know if you have purchased any of it or have any feedback:

Switchfoot: Vice Verses - Always looking for positive music for Noah to listen to that is also good music.   He's joined the drumline at school so he's getting more and more into music.  Switchfoot has some good, alternative-stylish stuff and this album just came out.  Considering it.

Neon Indian:  I think it's funny how so many bands now have that "80's techno" sound.  I saw Neon Indian perform on Jimmy Fallon (video below) and thought they were fun!  I don't know that I'd listen to the entire album, but I sure liked this song.  They were fun to watch!

Ghostland Observatory: Codename: Rondo - Speaking of techno music...these guys are fun!   I only have one of their albums, but I love it.   Some good tunes on this one, too.   They have a huge following in Austin and David and I want to go see them live.  He went to their ACL Music Festival concert and said it was one of the best times he's ever had!   They had the University of TX marching band on stage with them.  HA, love it!  Here's a video of that:

What music have you discovered lately or what are you favorite stand-by artists?  
Go have a GREAT day!

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tnscrapper said...


Interesting music. I loved the marching band performance. I always loved marching bands at ballgames and even competitions.

I am pretty much a die hard country music fan myself, I love more of the George Strait, Vince Gill, Alan Jackson music. BUT, I do love some of the newer music out there just as much too. Great post. Loved the videos

Marilyn C.