Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Hello, friends :) Recently I was featured on Debby Lewis' Home For the Holidays blog, so I thought I'd share the photos and captions that I sent to her. I shared my love of vintage ornaments, old-fashioned Christmas tunes, and nostalgic decor that brings back childhood memories. (You can click on the photo to enlarge it, then click again to zoom in.)

1- While most of the vintage Shiny Brite balls that I collect go on our tree, I also like to gather them into glass vases and display them with glittery little Christmas houses.
2- Our tree...I love our Santa Claus fur-trimmed tree skirt!
3- Vintage red and silver foil tinsel and a favorite old Shiny Brite ornament.
4- An old pedestal bowl full of silver glitter snowflakes and a vintage Christmas postcard. (old holiday postcards are great decor!)
5- Old World glass ornaments and my favorite strand of old flower lights.
6- simple, cherished nativity that sits in our dining room.
7- Our stairs are always adorned with garland and white lights!
8- More vintage ornaments on the tree.
9- Part of a Christmas decor piece I created last year with old lace, buttons, and a snowy wreath. (the wreath is a napkin holder from Target!)
10- I like to decorate in themes, arranging "like" items together. Our mantle is Santa-themed and these are some of my old Santas collected over the years.
11- This old ceramic tree is my favorite Christmas decor. It used to sit on top of the console TV when I was little and I always loved seeing it glow when we'd sit in the living room. My mom gave it to me several years ago and I was so happy to have it in our home!
12- A fun set of old colored lights I found at a thrift shop. They blink and are in such beautiful colors!
13- Another pretty way to display Shiny Brite ornaments is gathered on a glass cake pedestal with mercury bead strands.

I recently tried a really YUMMY new dinner recipe and we all loved it. These sound strange, but if you read the ingredients, you'll see why they are delicious. (Don't forget the limes and avocado!) Tyler Florence's Mexican Pot Roast Tacos

Have a blessed week!

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tnscrapper said...


Sooo glad to see you posting again! Love the vintage ornaments/decorations. The white ceramic christmas tree is my favorite of all! Just catching up with you and now I have two great recipes to try. Can't wait to try the Apple Walnut Crisp (YUMMMMMM) Maybe I will serve it as desert after we have the Mexican Pot Roast Tacos.

Hope you and your family have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Marilyn C.