Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wow, really? Over two months since my last blog post? So sorry about that. :) Life, you know!

Just got the house all decorated for Christmas. I don't cover the entire place with Christmas stuff. I don't want it to look like a store. But I have certain areas of the house where I put gatherings of items. This first photo is on top of our piano - Shiny Brite vintage ornaments in glass jars and vases surrounded by little glittered houses. Scattered around the house these wouldn't be as fun, but all gathered together like this they make much more of an impact. I do the same thing on my mantle - it's "Santa" themed with garland, lights, sparkly bead stems and all of our Santas. The hutch in the kitchen is all cream and red decor. It's a lot of fun to have specific themed areas, too, because when you see something while out shopping, you'll know exactly where it could go in your home!

I think I've finally decided on a project to submit for Paper Cowgirl 2011. I always want my project to be something "different" but with good techniques and where students will learn something new. Most of the women who attend Paper Cowgirl are vintage-lovers, so that makes it easy!

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season already. Keep it simple and keep some blank space on your calendar. And here is a link to my favorite Pandora Christmas music station. I created it with all of my favorite old Christmas crooners. :)


Sara said...

Hi Jennifer, so happy to read a new post. I check on you everyday so when I popped on this morining and saw some of your lovely Christmas decorations I was delighted. I do so enjoy your decorations for any holiday but Christmas is my favorite.
Happy December 1st.

cindy said...

LOVE the little houses! Did you make them? Glad to hear you've decided on a project...can't wait to see! ;)


Casii said...

I missed ur posts, but didn't want to seem rude with repetitive questioning. ;)

Love your vignette atop the piano! And will be checking out the Pandora link.