Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stitched by Hand

Good morning! We have had the most incredible weather here in Austin for the past few days. I wish it would stay just like this. But alas...the Texas spring isn't long and soon we'll have the pop up thunderstorms and temperatures creeping into the 90's. But for now, you can't help but sit on the back porch and enjoy it!

I've always been attracted to samplers and hand-stitching - the imperfections, the originality, the personality of the creator that comes thru. Whenever I see something hand-stitched in an antique store or estate sale, I always think of how much time and love went into the piece and how it's sort of sad that it's sitting there for sale. Someone passed many hours stitching by hand while children played or a husband worked. I've always wanted to learn all of the stitches, but never wanted to follow a set "finished product" photo. I've been seeing lots of free-style embroidery on some of my favorite blogs lately and I'm motivated to try it! Sure, I can do a few basic stitches, but want to apply them somehow and learn new ones to create something. Teresa's new Freestyle Embroidery E-zine was just the push I needed. (isn't that adorable?) I subscribed this weekend and can't wait to get started! Pictured are all of my supplies I've gathered to put in my sewing box. (I think it's funny that I already had all of these things, ha) If you click on the photo, you can see everything in detail. I'm so looking forward to taking it with me in the car, working on the couch, or anywhere I have a few free moments. I'll share photos as I go! Anyone want to join me?

Here's a wonderful sampler that Pam Garrison just completed.
And Rebecca's stitching is always gorgeous.
Let me know if you are free-styling, too. Would love to see your handiwork.

Eeek, so excited. Registration for Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat begins Monday! Hoping that I have some sign-ups for my banner class. It's always a little scary, wondering if people will like what you created. But I've asked the Lord to provide me creative opportunities this year, and this was one of them, so at least I'm on track!

Have a beautiful Sunday!


jennifer said...

I'm signing up first thing Monday for your class~ I love the 4th of July banner~ it is adorable!!
I am also taking Teresa's Ezine~ I'm loving the varied stitching ideas. I really hadn't done any embroidery since I was a little girl just playing around at my Grandmothers and stiching along with her.

KALDesign said...

Oh how I wish I had more time right now. I would love to do the hand embroidery. I used to do it all the time, but then bought an embroidery machine and handwork went out the window. And yes I still have ALL my floss, patterns, linen, aida cloth, hoops etc etc etc..... I am adding this to my summer "TO DO" list. Right now I have to get busy making more photo cards for my first Bazaar in April.....Back to the grind stone.

ScrapScene said...

Me too! I'm totally into the whole free style embroidery thing. I've been doing it for a little while now. You can see some in my Flickr here: Can't wait to see what you make!

ScrapScene said...

P.S. Forgot to mention that Amy of Inspireco is doing a 39 squares challenge that you might like also. She has a Flickr group set up for people who want to follow along.

Courtney Walsh said...

Since I am just sitting around with this darn back injury, this is the perfect time to start this for me!! I'm going to attempt some today...thanks for the links! :)

scrapwordsmom said...

Hey!! Just found you on Courtney's blog. LOVE your blog!!! I'm gonna be back FOR SURE!!:)

Oh, have a fun time today sewing!!