Monday, March 01, 2010


Well, hello March! I love this time of year - the colors, the cool weather, Easter, and lots of birthdays. I went with my mom to the 1898 store on Saturday for a couple of that place. My mom found this big jar in the kitchen junk - $1.50! I thought it was so unusual so I brought it home, cleaned it up a bit, and put these beautiful flowers inside. It's fun how the flowers are the same shape as the parsley on the front of the jar. :) This little set up is on top of the shelves in my craft room. The green is a sap bucket with pink peonies and the blue is an old chipped aqua bread box. Fun!

I also dug thru a few jewelry boxes and found some little pieces - pearl rosary beads, black rhinestone brooch, purple/pink stone butterfly pin, and this pink earring - 10 cents! (would make a fun flower centerpiece on a project) God bless the little lady who runs this shop and always has opera music playing loudly. She just makes up the prices 1/2 the time, ha. There was a big rounder of old cookie cutters and I found this bunny - great for Easter decor. The pink ruffly ribbon is soooooo pretty. That is from Hobby Lobby and is available in brown and cream, too. It's a tulle material, rough on the edges, and rolled to look like flowers. I love it.

I think I'll bake some Lemon Blueberry bread tonight for breakfast tomorrow. I love lemon anything. I want to scrapbook so badly, but am tired of event pages. I need to take some random photos so I can tell some stories. That's one thing I don't do enough is take regular photos.

Happy birthday to my daddy in heaven. He would have been 76 today!

Have a beautiful day. :)


Barbara said...

Jennifer, Love the vase and your jewelry many things to do with the jewelry. Have fun.


Jennifer said...

So girly and fun...I love it all!

Pearl Maple said...

What a beautiful collection of inspiration in such pretty colours and textures.

Lemon and blueberry sounds pretty inspired too - care to share the directions?

Kendra said...

I love when people share their thrifty finds!

Erica@ZunkyChic said...

What lovely finds. I've never heard of this store - now I must go there!

Carol said...

Beautiful eye candy! I can't believe the ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. I have to have some asap! thanks!