Monday, October 19, 2009


You know when you feel like you have so much to say and nothing to say at the same time?  I guess that's how I've been feeling lately with blogging.   Lots going on in my life that is important to me, but just not sure how interesting it is in a blog post.  I'm sure all bloggers have felt that way at one point.  

 I am making intentional choices for myself to simplify.   I am not good at balance.  I admit it.  I throw myself completely into one thing and then other things in my life pay the price.  I often look at others and think, "HOW can she be doing all of these things at the same time and doing them well?"   As women we put so much pressure on ourselves to be multi-faceted, many times just to earn the approval of others.   But the times when I am happiest and feel most at peace are when I'm doing a good job at "tending to my blessings."  That's just the best way for me to word it.   My Lord, my family and myself, our home, and then my talents.  And yes, I believe that God wants us to tend to our talents.  That means using them for good...and when they don't take time away from those we love.  

I've been saying "no" a lot lately...and it feels good.   I have a good balance in my life right now and even have a little wiggle room to allow for unexpected events.  If you are SO busy that you can't imagine how you'd fit anything else into your life, then you are too busy.    

I'm still scrapbooking, making pendants and kits, being creative...but it doesn't consume me.  Maybe in a different phase of life it can take up more of my time, but for now it feels good the way it is.   I was thrilled to get an email inviting me to be the Melissa Frances guest designer for January.  Melissa Frances.....seriously?   I couldn't be more excited.  And I have TIME to devote to that this holiday season.   It doesn't feel like a big weight of "ugh, I have to make time to get that done."   I have joy in creating.  And if that ever went away, I would be sad.  I know so many people who are so busy with design teams and assignment work that they don't even enjoy creating anymore.  Time to pull back, girls.  I've been there!

Another more personal reason for my infrequent blogging is just not feeling well.  I have had issues with uterine fibroids before and had to have surgery to have them removed 10 years ago.  Well, they are back and are making having another child difficult.   So we are pursuing treatment...possibly another surgery this fall....and still praying for another child.  I can't afford the stress of putting too much on my wagon right now, so this is another reason for me finding a good balance in my life.   It's actually weird for me to share that, but I hope that maybe it will lead some of you to pray for me.  I'm in a little pain a lot of the time and not knowing what the future holds in this area of our lives is difficult.  So again....having more "wiggle" room in my life is a good thing.

Thanks for reading.  Sorry this turned into a longer post than I intended!   

So............what are your kids going to be for Halloween?   Noah will be Link from The Legend of Zelda.  I bought him some girls' brown tights to wear.  I am actually REALLY looking forward to seeing that, ha.  

God bless you this week.   Here's tonight's dinner!

I lowered the fat by changing a few ingredients.   You can use any vegetables...even a bag of frozen mixed veggies thrown in!   Made a homemade pie crust, too, and only put the crust on top...not on the bottom.  


*Heather said...

Jennifer I have been in this spot for sometime now and it's so good to simplify our lives! I will be praying that you can fill your life with the things that are meant for this season you are in and that you will be content in whatever that looks like. And also praying for your health issues and that you will be able to have that baby you so want. Love ya!

Holly Renee said...

sweet are simply PRECIOUS! i understand "simple" and to think my life needs to be more "simple" and i don't even have kids OR a husband! ha! i'm ALWAYS praying for you and believing God has a VERY special plan for the Stewart Clan in the future! Love you and MISS YOU ALWAYS!

Pam said...

Good for you! Congrats on MF guest designer, well deserved.
I hope that a family addition will happen and all will go well.

Grace said...

Feel Better SOON!

Karin said...

I thought I had the only child in the world that wanted to be Link! I can't wait to see a photo of Noah all dressed up.

Feel better soon and my thoughts are with you. I hope it all works out.

Roberta said...

Hey Girl...good for you to set your boundaries and your priorities...very happy for you:} Stay strong and do not feel that you need to explain or apologize or justify your life and your needs to anyone...unless you feel the need to do so and to help others who also struggle along with you. I will pray for you that your body heals and your family prospers, fondly, Roberta

KALDesign said...

Jennifer - you are so spot on. Balance and tending to your blessings are exactly where we all need to be. I have spent the last several years focusing on just this. And I too believe that God gives us talents to use and cultivate. (isn't there a parable about that? (: )
Will be praying for your health issues and that God will increase your family.

Suz said...

Prayers for you to get some relief with the health issues & the lord to really lead you with wisdom

Sarah said...

Jennifer, I have been working on this very thing of simplifying for a while now too. I had thoughts similar to yours just this morning. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely be praying for your health and for an addition to your family. Hugs and blessings to you.

Pearl Maple said...

Jen, good luck with your plans and goals, your creative works are always an inspiration and enjoy what you choose the share with us on your blog space.

KateinCleveland said...

Simple is good ... so I say "go for it"! I hope you feel better soon and I will keep you in my prayers to be blessed with another child. You seem to be a geat mom!

Kendra said...

Oh how I struggle with the balance thing! I have to constantly tell myself the boys won't be around here for nearly long enough as it is and there's plenty of time for more "me" when they're grown.

I will definitely pray for you!

karlalala said...

you bet'cha we'll be praying for you!! keep looking up!! thanks for sharing too!! love ya for that!! smooch!!

Kelly said...

Gentle hugs to you... as you know, I battled infertility for years and my husband and I are building our family through adoption. (Little David turned THREE yesterday, can you believe it?!)

If you need an ear, I'm here and know the pain (physical and emotional).

Kelly in Ohio

Kim Caldwell said...

I am sorry to hear you have been in so much pain Jennifer and totally understand the concept of needing to simplify. I have been thinking alot lately of things along the same lines. Your work has always been an inspiration to me. Glad you are taking time for yourself and prioritizing. It is important for all of us!

Hugs, Kim

Andrea Amu said...

Just wanted to let you know that I will say some prayers for you! I know it can't be easy!

But on another note, good for you, for setting new limitations and for taking it easy!

Take care!

Courtney Walsh said...

Jen, I have been going through this same balance struggle for the last year or so. I really had to step away from everything for awhile in order to gain some perspective. Saying "no" does feel good...especially when you realize you don't have to add any excuses with it. "No" is a complete sentence. :)

I think most women can relate! I hope you're doing well!