Monday, March 23, 2009


Good morning :)

On Saturday morning while reading Facebook updates I saw that my friend Karen was going antique shopping in Buda, a nearby small town with an actual Main Street. (I love that there is a back road straight to Main Street from my house.) There was one store in particular she was visiting so I asked her to let me know if she liked it. Later that afternoon she updated that it was wonderful, so I decided to drive over...just 15 minutes from my house. The store is called The 1898 Store and it is one of those fabulous old general stores with wooden built-in shelves from floor to ceiling and a huge glass counter right in the middle. Karen warned me, but really....this place is completely packed full of old things. Old letters and deeds, books, rocks, jewelry, hats, toys, rusty hardware....I just can't even name it all. And it looks like some of the areas haven't been touched in YEARS. Full of dust, old displays, is a treasure hunt! (Karen, I agree, Tim Holtz would think he'd died and gone to heaven.) There were filing cabinets completely stuffed full of old photos, purchase orders from the early 1890's, jars full of rusty hinges and doorknobs... And I had to laugh because when I went in I was the only person in there. The owner, a sweet lady who was way in the back doing her own thing, had opera music just blaring loud. There were some scaryish looking mannequins throughout the store. And I kept waiting for a rat to run across my feet in some of the corners. It could have been a scary movie scene with the music, creaky floors, dust, mannequins, and spiderwebs, lol. (now don't some of you want to go? ha) The store doesn't have a website, but I was able to find this blog entry that has a few photos of the store. I want to go back and take more from funky angles. :)

The ledger paper in the photo above is from that store. It was a folded deed in a cigar box full of paperwork. I thought it was neat that the name Maggie Stewart was on it and that is was for the county where I grew up. I also found that bundle of old lace there. The button cards are some I purchased on Ebay for CHEAP. Aren't they fun? I love how the buttons on the man's shirt are so huge, ha.

These are the seam binding rolls that will be on the Art Table at my Inspired Artist Workshop class. (everyone chooses her own color piece) Love seam binding. Especially love that yellow!

I'm going to decorate for Easter this week, so I'll share photos as soon as I'm done.

And just because I love both of them, here is a scene from The Philadelphia Story with Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. :) They don't make 'em like this anymore...

Have a blessed day!


Jennifer said...

The Philadelphia Story is one of my favorite movies and that is the best scene in the movie.

Linda Beeson said...

I love finds like that - my problem is that all too often the antique stores want way to much money for these old buttons, etc. I just love them on their old papers.

Lisa Carroll said...

That sounds like an awesome store! I am jealous!!

Stacey Michaud said...

Wow! What a great find! I love all the vintage stuff!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I LOVE Philadelphia Story!!! AND HELLO!!! Not fair!!!! i want a 1898 store...Oahu needs to get one...ok...Oahu just needs to get an antique store of any kind! Lucky gal!!!