Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, I'm just going to be an infrequent blogger for the next couple of months. Sorry about that. :) I've been really busy and just don't have a lot that's interesting to blog about right now. This layout is one that I did last weekend at the scrapbooking retreat I attended. Love all the colors and those Making Memories letters.

I've started the preparation of all of the supplies that will go into my kits for Inspired Artist Workshop. Things like cutting 300 pieces of cardstock, pouring 36 bottles of glitter into plastic containers for dipping, cutting apart a huge bag of berry stems for glittering....all that fun stuff. It's not too bad and is good work for watching TV.

I'm also going to be teaching at a weekend scrapbooking retreat in Humble, TX (north of Houston) in June. I have two fun classes I'll be sharing with these ladies. They are sending out registration forms and information this week and I'll be posting that information here in the new few days.

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful. I love seeing our puppy WANT to go outside and just lay in the sunshine. I put out our patio table umbrella yesterday and we put together a storage box for basketballs, water guns, and a few dog toys. We are blessed with 18 trees in our backyard and the leaves are all starting to come out. And because of late night and early morning (dark) dog time outside for potty breaks, I've discovered we have a baby spotted owl that lives somewhere in one of the trees. Very neat. :)

Have a beautiful rest of the week!


Sara said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for sharing that way cool, colorful layout. Such a cute subject too. I always enjoy seeing all the details you put on your layouts. Very inspiring.
Sara in Indiana

Suzanne said...

It is great seeing you posting again, Jen! Welcome back. :D Loved this layout and have a great time teaching at the retreat!

Lisa Dorsey said...

What a fun post Jen! Love the bright, vibrant feel of it!

Maria said...

super fun - love the layout!

Jackie said...

Oh I hope you can get a photo of the baby owl, that would be cute!
Wish I lived in Texas to take one of your workshops!
Your work is beautiful!