Saturday, February 21, 2009


1. Thrifted Pink Gooseberry Pyrex, 2. i can feel it in the air..,
3. Vintage Valentine, 4. sparkly, 5. red door black, 6. Roadtrip

Hi :) Just a little Flickr mosaic from last year...still love it.

Not a whole lot exciting going on around here, but I must say I like it that way. Chaos usually sets in around March/April, so I'm enjoying the calm. Just some randoms from the past few days...

1. We have a puppy who freak out adores bananas, kongs with peanut butter or cream cheese, and the smell of hot dogs. He's gotten to where he'll obey the "sit...stay" command in the kitchen, though, so that is really helpful. :) At bedtime when I fill his kong and say, "Max...let's go to your crate" he will literally fly to the crate to get that kong. It's hilarious. When there is no kong involved...he goes in another room.

2. In two weekends I'll be at a scrapbooking retreat for 3 days. I can't wait. I always enjoy this time to do nothing but scrapbook, get Starbucks, wear pajamas, and get a chair massage or two.

3. Noah and I visited a therapeutic horse riding center on Friday afternoon - Open My World. They will be our charity for this upcoming retreat, so I went as a club representative to take photos and talk to the owner. What an amazing place. Noah even got to walk the horses to the arenas...and we both found out we aren't horse people. LOL But they sure were beautiful creatures. And the lives that Donna blesses with her place are countless.

4. I went to Felicia's Scrapbooks garage sale today and found a big jar of vintage buttons for five bucks. Score! I also got the new Sassafras Lass and some Jenni Bowlin. Had to laugh when Felicia said, "you need MORE buttons?"

5. Had my mom's homemade chocolate pie today in memory of my dad, who passed away four years ago this Monday of lung cancer. If you smoke, please stop. It will be a huge gift to those who love you.

"Let God's promises shine on your problems." ~Corrie Ten Boom


Jennifer said...

I lost my step-father 4 years ago at the end of February. He too was a heavy smoker. A massive heart attack ended his life. I'm with you...if you smoke, please stop. If you don't, don't ever start. He would still be alive if he had quit.

Anna Willett said...

oh i love that pink pyrex! so so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer,
My father passed away four years ago Oct. 24th, (the next day was his birthday) from lung cancer as well. He stopped 10 years before but it wasn't enough. The irony is that my Mom is still smoking...
I love your pie "memory" dad loved chocolate cream pie as made me want to have some. Thanks for sharing, have a great day.
Fondly, Roberta