Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Good morning :) I thought this postcard would be nice and cheery since so many people are going thru some pretty harsh winter weather this week. Stay warm and safe!

This week I'm finishing the step by step instructions and photos for my Inspired Artist Workshop class, getting them to Donna, and then will begin the process of prepping supplies for the kits. Already! I'm doing things differently this year since last year I had almost 300 kits with 30+ items in them spread out around my house. This year I'll do most of the assembling AT the hotel the day before the event but will have the supplies all ready to go. So if you are attending, come by and say hi on that Thursday as I run around the room!

We are under a winter storm warning tonight for ice and sleet, so I'm making some homemade soup and wheat yeast rolls. Here are the recipes I'm using. The house sure does smell good.

Tyler Florence's Chicken Noodle Soup (not making stock; using a rich, organic purchased chicken stock) and Bread Machine Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls.

Please say hi! I would love to hear from you. I'm sorry my blog has been quite boring lately. Just been busy with the new dog and other things. Have a wonderful night. :)


Jennifer said...

The soup and rolls sound so good! We just got a bread machine for Christmas. I think I'm going to try those rolls out soon!

Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Hello! I usually pop in once in awhile..Your new dog is darling...It has been super cold here so I know what you are going through with the ice-storm...Stop by my blog and say Hi once in awhile...would love to have you come by...Krista

Anna Willett said...

hey! you aren't boring... you have a new baby to take care of! :0) i just made chicken noodle soup last night. yummy! if you need help assembling your kits at inspired, just let me know. my best friend and i will be there and wouldn't mind helping! have a good night and give that puppy a smooch for me! too bad we don't live closer, olive could come over and the two of them could play and wear each other out!

Carla said...

When I saw that you hadn't posted for a while, I thought that new puppy is keeping them busy! Thanks for the concern for those of us in the bad weather areas (I'm in Ohio and my area expects 8"-10" of snow by tomorrow morning with ice and sleet too). The snow is so pretty but so dangerous. You all be careful too!

Benita said...

Hi Jennifer :) The puppy is so cute! Glad you got a rescue one :) Only kind of dog to get if you ask me!

It's been colder than cold here in MI all month :( We're under a Winter Storm advisory tonight with another 2-5" of snow expected. Stay safe!

nadia said...

congrats on the puppy! I have one named max too! I will be flying on on wednesday and I could help out! of course I will do a starbuck's run first! ciao!

Sarah said...

Puppies do that to you! I am going to have to try the soup and rolls. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some wintery weather here. We don't get it enough! Have a warm, cozy night!

Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could have went to this. It sounds so fun. Unfortunately, my husband is one of many without a job now so that wasn't in the cards. Sure hope you make enough kits so I can purchase another one from Donna after Inspired. I love the one from last year!

Be safe!

MEchiel said...

Looking forward to inspired. If I am there Thursday, I will be glad to come by and help you sort.

Gloria L. said...

Looks like you will have plenty of help at Inspired! I remember the photos of last year's assembly lines, with kits all over your house. This will be much easier for you! Looking SO forward to the event! Try to stay warm..
Gloria L.

Sara said...

Hi Jennifer, Your soup and rolls combo sound so good. That's the kind of food I like during these cold winter months. In fact last night I had chicken noodle soup that I made from the recipe you posted on your blog a few weeks ago. It's yummy. I usually make corn bread, cooked in an iron skillet of course, to go with my soup. Indiana got 12 inches of snow dumped on them yesterday. We're digging out today.
Sara in Indiana

Pam said...

The soup and rolls sound yummy! I have enjoyed reading the adventures of the new baby!