Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Personalized photo charms are coming tomorrow to my Etsy shop!

I'll need just 2-3 days to get your charm completed and in the mail to you in time for Christmas gift giving. This would make a perfect gift for Grandma, a sweet mom, a sister with kids, a new mommy, a loving wife....anyone you can think of who would love to wear a handcrafted pendant necklace.

More info tomorrow...I promise.

And it's not too late to order a Countdown to Christmas Flip Advent Calendar! There are 25 full 6x6 pages on this calendar that turn into a completed Christmas album once the holiday season is over. Two projects in one. :)

(photos courtesy of Stephanie Howell)


erin said...

hi jennifer,
i had seen your beautiful charms on stephanie's blog. can you tell me what your etsy shop is, so i can order some? those would make such sweet gifts!
erin yamabe

stephanie howell said...

haa! i was like OMG that's jimmy! when your blog came up. made my heart race! heheheheh.

Jana said...

Adorable! I'm hoping to incoporate something like this into my photography biz someday when I improve my soldering skillz!!!