Friday, November 14, 2008


Edit: I've had a few inquiries about making custom soldered photo charms, like the one I made for Stephanie. I'm thinking I'll take a few orders and see what happens. I can make them in several different sizes using your photo and give you lots of choices of paper colors, laces, and words. I'll update more in a few days with more details. I'm flattered...thank you. :)

Redoing my blog STINKS. Sorry, I'm missing so much from the sidebar that I just have to redo it all. I have it saved...but cutting and pasting. Blah. It'll get there. Sorry about that. :)

For's my Etsy shop. Several people have emailed me asking where it is, lol.

Just took some pretty pictures to share tonight.
Some of my silver glass glitter in a sugar shaker...perfect and pretty storage. :)

An old dish full of vintage buttons I found at a charity garage sale last weekend. Mostly yellows, whites, and creams with a few odd ones mixed in. Sooo much better than NEW ones. I think so anyway.

A strand of blinking, retro flashy Christmas lights I found at Salvation Army yesterday for $4.00. Yay! The funny thing is my friend Steph found the EXACT same lights on the same day at Goodwill in her city. I swear when we shop together we're gonna have to flip a coin more than once.

We are going out for pizza. Have a good night!


Jennifer said...

I think your blog look great, but it's so hard to change, isn't it? It takes a bit of tinkering and time to get it just right. :)

stephanie howell said...

twinsie my twinsie!
we are going to have to arm wrestle when we shop.
love you much!

Laurie in MN said...

Hi Jennifer,

I love how you display your treasures.

maggie said...

I love your new christmas lights! Adorable and fun! I like the new blog too!

Anonymous said...

great pics...I've been trying to redo my blog for a long time...I'm finally halfway pleased with it!

Hope you enjoyed your pizza!

I love the kits from the previous entry, BTW! I love that Be Merry line.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, I love the way your blog looks so far : ) I also have made photo charms..They are so much fun to make..
Have a great week!!
Terri/Grand Prairie, TX

Stacey Michaud said...

Love the blog! I vintage feel is always great!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

love the look of your blog - a nice holiday touch! I'm a button girl, too - you got a beautiful stash there!

cindy said...

Very pretty!


Kendra said...

Totally agree about the buttons. And you've made me want glass glitter. You mention it so often I've become intrigued. : )