Friday, August 08, 2008


Good morning. :)

Isn't this bag beautiful? I ordered it from Abby on Etsy earlier this summer and have been using it as a book bag. I've been carrying around a few magazines, notepad, and pencil so I can write down project ideas or just have something to read when I'm out.

I needed a little more space in my scrapbooking/crafting room, so I added 3 small chrome shelves in front of the window. I also moved my desk to the middle of the room. I absolutely love it. It gives me a lot more white space on the shelves and on my desk. I have a laptop computer, so that moves around wherever I need it. I've always loved the look of metal or chrome with vintage style. (Edit: The desk is from the office collection at Pier One. It has 3 deep drawers in front of the seating side. I keep my adhesives and cutting tools in them.) I also added some dark brown sailcloth curtains to the windows. (If you click the photo you can see a larger view.)

I also started keeping a 3-tier rolling cart in the closet. On the cart I have baskets that contain current projects (canvases, my Inspired 2009 project, class kits I'm developing, etc.) Whenever I want to work on these, I can roll the cart out next to my desk. All of the supplies for each project stay together on the cart and I can just roll it back into the closet when I'm finished working.

Good things - Dove Grapefruit/Lemongrass body wash, the reopening of One Hundred Wishes on Friday afternoon, and Heather Bailey's square pincushions tutorial. :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

"Lord grant that the fire of my heart may melt the lead in my feet. " - Anonymous


Krissynae said...

Very cute bag. Love the scrap space.

Jackietex said...

Cute bag! I finally made it to Uncommon Objects a couple days ago. I've wanted to go for quite a while since you AND my sister frequently speak of it. I loved it! My daughter bought a china tea cup (she wants to fill it with candle wax) and I bought a couple of old books. I'm definitely going back. Enjoy your weekend.

Lorie said...

Cute bag! And I love the cart idea! Where did you get your cart?

Chiara said...

I have that tutorial printed out for when I hae a few minutes.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Dove's my favorite soap and just when I thought I'd try them all, here's a new one. Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Theresa

Kendra said...

I love a worksurface sitting out proudly in the middle of a room! Looks awesome Jen!

Jen Glover said...

Great bag from etsy! I just love your blog! I'll be back! Hope you had a great weekend!