Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Hi, everyone :)
Thanks to all of you who still check in!
Just had a million things to do since returning from vacation.
You know...reality hits you hard when you've been living in another world for two weeks!

Getting ready for Noah to start 3rd grade. (sniff)
Buying school uniforms, books, new backpack, supplies...all that fun stuff!
I have a large expanding file that I use for saving Noah's school papers. All during the year I put all of his completed school work and projects in a box. Before the next year starts I go thru all of the saved papers, pulling out and saving 10-15 examples of his work throughout the year. I also keep projects, essays, notes from his teachers, awards, etc. If there are any large projects (for example, his family Coat of Arms) I can just put a photo of the project in with the papers. All of the saved work goes into the expanding file section for that year. The rest of the papers get thrown away. I sure hate to do that, but it's impossible to keep everything. It makes me happy to look in the file and see Preschool thru 2nd grade in one place. :)

I'm working on some holiday project ideas and kits for my Etsy store.
I may even be putting some of my charms and canvases in a local antique emporium.
I love this time of year!

My home decor project for INSPIRED isn't finished yet.
I'm waiting on a certain paper line to be shipped so I can use it.
Gotta have the latest releases and this is a brand new line from CHA Summer!
We are off to the library. :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jennifer. I missed your posts, but I am glad you had a great vacation and a safe one too.

Mariyn C.

DIANE said...

I love your method for saving school projects, etc. My kids are in high school now (when did THAT happen??) but I'm sure I can figure a way to apply your ideas somewhere in my life!

Have a great day ~

=) Diane

Karrie said...

Hi. I have a 3rd grader this year as well...sniffing here too! I love your art, and love your blog-I've missed your posts!