Monday, June 16, 2008


Hi, all!
We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend here. Saturday night my mom had Noah spend the night so we could go out! We had a fabulous dinner at Starlite Cafe (highly recommended!) and got to see the U2 3D concert movie at the Imax theater. THAT was awesome! If you haven't see it...go! It made me like U2 even more. You feel like you are at the concert and the camera gets right up close to the guitars, the stage, everything. It was lots of fun. :)
If you are interested, here was our dinner menu. Everything was absolutely PERFECT and yummy and we would recommend any of these items:
Bottle of French red wine (don't remember which one, David ordered)
Watercress and Baby Butter Lettuce Salad (grilled ricotta salata, apple chutney, blood orange viniagrette)
Herb Basted Bobwhite Quail (ragu of sweet pork sausage, golden raisins, and cremini mushrooms, black olive tampenade)
Carmelized Onion Tart (asian pear and antique gruyere salad, aged balsamic, shoestring potatoes)
Portabello Mushroom and 3 Cheese Lasagna (roasted chestnut gnocchi, tomato pernod coulis, basil oil)
Filet Mignon medium rare with foie gras butter, grilled asparagus and fava beans, on a bed of yukon potato puree
NO room for dessert! :)

On Sunday, the three of us went to Mandola's Market, one of our favorite Italian places, for a late lunch/early dinner (av0iding the crowded time). They have a little Italian grocery store along with an espresso bar and a full bakery. SO good and again, highly recommended!


Here are some things I love lately....

Bath and Body Works' Fresh Pineapple foaming hand soap. Smells so good!

Cosmo Cricket's Hello Sunshine line. Really beautiful yellow patterned paper is hard to come by, and I LOVE these color combinations!

My Sims (Wii game). This game is so much fun to play! If you've ever played the regular SIMS games, it's similar, except you don't have to worry about your characters eating or sleeping or bathing, ha. It's for kids...sort of an introduction to The Sims. I'm almost to level 4. hehe :)

Tonight for dinner we are having some spice! I'm making this Buffalo Chicken Salad and these heavenly, want to eat 58 of them Cream Cheese stuffed Jalapenos. My uncle always brings these to family gatherings and now I'm attempting them tonight. I was searching for the recipe online so I could post it here (My uncle just told me how he makes them without a recipe) and I happened to find the recipe on the Pioneer Woman's website! So her recipe is linked above. My uncle adds something extra, though...finely crushed pecans stirred into the cream cheese. I can't wait until dinner! (Note: I'm using light cream cheese and lean bacon, so we'll see what happens, lol)

Our circumstances are not an accurate reflection of God's goodness. Whether life is good or bad, God's goodness, rooted in His character, is the same. - Helen Grace Lescheid


Teresa said...

Okay, I was playing regular computer Sims w/ nephew Jacob and one of my people started a fire, so watch out, LOL!

rebecca sower said...

Hi lady, how are you? U2 and David kinda girl! :) Love your site.

Benita said...

U2 is even better in person :) They put on an amazing show!

Crafty P said...

I had no idea there was an IMAX 3D U2 concert. MUST find out if it's here! I couldn't imagine what you were going to say when I saw that picture of Bono... love them.

your menu has my mouth watering, too.

Lorie said...

I lone playong My Sims on the Wii!! We got it when I was pregnant anf couldn't sleep and I would play it all night!

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

Why is it that everytime I come to your site I want to eat! Your menu's and recipe's sound heavenly! And I too am a Simsaholic!

Jana said...

OMG, Rebecca was here!! haha Way cool! Ok, U2 and that menu sound like my kinda night too! Hope we can hook up and have lunch again this summer sometime....maybe we can meet in San Marcos one afternoon? I'd love that!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love Mandola's!!!!

Ann K

Kim said...

Love the paper line! I am re-painting the downstairs a nice yellow color. The paper will offer some great inspiration for contrast colors and so forth. Thanks!