Friday, May 30, 2008


Still creating! Having so much fun with beautiful papers, lace, vintage glass glitter, pretty trims, sheet music.... :)

Several of you have asked for directions on how to make the soldered charms. I don't have my own tutorial done right now, but here is a great resource for learning more about it. Just practice, practice, practice!

Have a beautiful Friday!


Laurie in MN said...

very, very pretty

Laurie in MN said...

Hi Jen,

I met someone at JoAnn's and she was looking for molds to melt metal into.

And she wanted charms that she could melt her own plastic into and create whatever design she wanted.

Would you know of any on-line stores that I could forward to her?

Thanks Jen.

Teresa said...

Making soldered charms looks fun, but I still think I'd rather be your 1st customer! Email me when they're ready... Love ya!

Susan Beth said...

Love, love, love! the yellow!

Pearl Maple said...

Am loving these little peeks you are posting they are full of sunshine & happiness.