Saturday, May 10, 2008


(Updated below to answer questions)
Finally got the video of my new space. :)

I'm not very good at this (made with my digital camera) so be patient with me! It's long, (in 2 parts) but I wanted to show details of storage ideas and how I have things organized. I'm always interested in seeing those things so I thought you might be as well. Enjoy and I hope it inspires you! Please email me with any questions. Forgot to say in the video that I keep my adhesives, markers and pens, and cutting tools in the desk drawers right in front of my chair.

I love my space because everything is accessible, I've incorporated pretty storage items, and there isn't too much! It's just perfect for me. :)



Here is a list of links and items that I reference in the video:
Office Depot - Antique white 5-shelf units
Sadie Olive

One Hundred Wishes
Heather Bailey (fabric)
Pier One (red metal table)
Target - Simply Shabby Chic bedding

Deborah - you asked where I keep my photos and albums. My photos are in photo boxes inside the closet. My completed/work in progress albums are in another room of the house where we have lots of shelves/books. I don't like to keep them in my scrap space. I like them out in the open where everyone can look at them.

Question: What are you using to store your scraps? I have a large Crop in Style Paper Taker and I have the scraps in here, divided by color. I don't save every tiny scrap. I just save scraps that are 4x6 or larger, unless it's a favorite paper that is hard to find. I have the Paper Taker on the floor, leaning next to the right shelf.


deborahp3 said...

Hi Jennifer, love your blog! great new room. love your use of antiques in your creative space. I am wondering where you keep all of your picures. and the albums you have scrapped?

Anonymous said...



Thank you so much for always sharing and inspiring

Your aol friend
Oakland Tennessee

Jeanette said...

I enjoyed the journey through your space. It's beautiful and inspiring. And how you framed your windows with the sheers and belt buckles is such a cool idea. :)

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous! I'm totally jealous. Now I really know that I need to purge some stuff!! hee hee TFS!

Stacy said...

Thanks for the tour of your space Jennifer! I always find it helpful to see how other people organize their space-I think I may try the ribbon storage idea

Andrea Amu said...

Beautiful and refreshing as I knew it would be!

Teresa said...

FAB-U-LOUS, just like you! Love it, girlfriend!

Heather said...

How fun Jen!!! Love your space and the organization...a girl after my own heart for sure! :) And love your special 12 Fridays box! And totally laughed at your Scarlet Lime comments as I have the same untouched kits and have said the same things about taking them to my next crop! Too funny! And love your window! I have lots of different windows in my house and love them! Thanks for the videos and the little peek into your room!!! ;)

emily said...

Thank you for sharing...inspiring room! Enjoy your time there!

Anonymous said...

I have a question: what are you using to store your scrap paper ?

Junie June said...

I loved your other space, but this has got to be awesome for you. Congrats on your new space it is beautiful. Enjoy!!!

Amy said...

I love your new space! I just wanted to share with you one of the vintage things I use for storing items like ribbon, etc. I found some antique sewing machine drawers at a yard sale and they are so great for storing all kinds of supplies. I love all of your vintage touches!

Sudie said...

wow! so gorgeous! pure eye candy. I love all the vintage goodies and beautiful detailing. I feel so inspired and creative, and it isn't even my space! ;-) Blessings, Sudie

Benita said...

Love the videos, Jen! Your voice doesn't sound anything like I imagined it would for some reason ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

jen said...

jennifer, you continue to inspire me. (i hope that isn't cheesy to say).

because you rock.

june 1st. that's my date to completely finish my studio. i have to get through the end of the school year and my brother's wedding first. seriously excited to get started.

thank you so much for such a detailed tour. you are seriously generous.

jen compton
[green glitter balls girl]
[and winner of your fabulous door sign.. that is still sitting on my mantel.]

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, Love your new room! Hope you enjoy it a lot, thanks for sharing all your ideas :o)! I made our guest room into a scrap room too, but after all the work discovered that it didn't work for me unless someone was here to "play" with me (I like being with the family not being by myself). So now I'm having to figure out how to move it and work it into "the main living space" of the house. I think it's a never ending process. LOL. :o)


Cynthia said...

Stephanie- Love it. I just came across your site. Loved your class at inspired. Great scrapbook studio!!!

KALDesign said...

Inspirational. I always learn something from you. I went to my china hutch and got out some old pink depression glass to put some pretties in after watching you videos. It is fun to look up and see them instead of keeping them hidden away in a "safe" place where I can't enjoy them. Thanks