Monday, April 28, 2008


Good morning! We returned yesterday afternoon from a cub scout two-night camping trip to Enchanted Rock state park near Fredericksburg, TX. It was lots of fun! Hiking, smores, cooking outside, playing in the creek bed, a crackling fire, waking up to 2 thousand birds chirping, coffee on the propane stove...camping definitely has some positive qualities. And Saturday was Noah's 8th birthday, so he was thrilled to get to be with his cub scout pack, getting dirty and climbing rocks! The only downside was the severe weather that was all around us each night. UGH...and of course I couldn't go to sleep with lightning in the sky, a tornado warning in the next county, and torrential downpours. Ahh...spring in Texas. But God took care of us and aside from getting wet and muddy, we were all just fine. The shower and nap I had when we got home were HEAVEN. :) I'm not much of a camper...but I'd do it all again for Noah because he loved having us both there.
I've been thinking about some home projects I want to work on after Noah is out of school in May. We have a guest room/bathroom that is hardly ever used. I love having a guest room just for company, but it only gets used about 2 weeks total out of the year by one person at a time. Meanwhile, my scrapbooking/crafting area is in the front (open) room of the house and while I love it there, it's hard to keep neat and tidy...and drives me nuts when I am busy with projects and leave it messy. And I already use the guest closet as my teaching/storage space where all of my teaching and extra supplies are stored. So I've decided on some projects this summer:
1. Move Noah's twin bed to the guest room and move the full bed from the guest room to Noah's room so he'll have a bigger bed
2. Move my crafting area into the old guest room; paint walls a lighter color (maybe very very pale pink?)
3. Change front room into a library/reading area with bookshelves, all books in the house, reading chair/ottoman (Noah and David's room, basically)
4. Hunt for flea market finds for my crafting room, going with lots of white/ivory shelves and desk space
So this way we'll still have a twin bed for guests in my new crafting room, a library/reading room for David and Noah, and Noah will have a bigger bed. We also have an extra tall queen size airbed, so that can be inflated when needed as well. And new crafting room has cable and a phone hook up. I didn't have that in the other room. I am going to put a big window box of flowers outside of the window as well so I can see them when I work. Big summer projects, but I can't wait! Maybe I'll have a late summer crop/crafting day at my house?
Have a wonderful Monday!
"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."
~Mary Engelbreit


Rebecca said...

Oh... sounds like a lot of work, but I think you will love it when you are done. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Betsy said...

There is nothing like camping to make a girl appreciate home!!

Sounds like you've got lots to work on this summer! I've got some projects on my "to-do" list, too!

Have a great week!

Cami said...

I firmly believe :projects: keep the life blood flowing!!! And perfect quote! Love that ME!

Jana said...

I'll be there, just say when!!

Andrea Amu said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan for your new crafting space, and I'm sure I'll love what you do to it once it's done!

hollyrenee said...

oh, friend....when you get your guest room all set up you will LOVE it!!! That's where mine is and my guests even love staying in the same room as all the fun in the house :)

Laurie in MN said...

Hey Jennifer,

Moving your work space makes sense. Have fun organizing and decorating the new craft room.

jen c said...

sounds like a plan! when you're finished can you come help me replan my space? my problem is i like to have a little project going on in every room. so my whole house looks like a craft room. i need a change as well. can't wait to see pics of the progress.

KALDesign said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan Jennifer. And a great reason to go to more places like "Uncommon Objects" to find some of those unique storage items. You will love having a door you can close on the mess of creation. :>)

Jeanne said...

what an amazing adventure you had. SOunds like it gave you inspirationa and energy for your projects.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Keep us posted with pictures!
Ann K