Thursday, April 17, 2008


Update: All of my extra INSPIRED class kits I assembled that Donna was selling on her website are sold out. (almost 100 of them!) So sorry if you didn't get one. If you did, please email me if you have any questions about the project!

Hey, Jen Compton... the playlist of the songs I played in my INSPIRED classes is about three posts down, buried in my INSPIRED review. :) (look near the Ipod photo) How's that for getting your attention? lol

Today my sweet friend Jana came to Austin, something we've been planning for quite a while! We met at Starbucks then headed over to my favorite store in the world, Uncommon Objects. I picked up these old chipboard bingo cards and this wonderful red tin box with a transferred old vintage photo on top! I am going to figure out how to do this so we can do it in a class. Absolutely love that look.

After shopping we had a yummy lunch at South Congress Cafe, got dessert at Hey, Cupcake! and finished our afternoon fabric and ribbon shopping at Craft-O-Rama. We had lots of fun! Jana brought her camera so she'll have more photos on her blog. :) I plan to use these fabrics and trims on some canvases soon.

Saturday is Noah's 8th birthday party - Star Wars theme! Having all of his cousins and 6 boys over for pizza, Grandma's chocolate sheet cake, ice cream sandwiches, and a giant moonwalk in the backyard. The weather should be perfect, in the low 80's. We have the Star Wars movie soundtrack on Itunes, so I'm burning CDs of Star Wars music to give out as favors. What boy doesn't need Darth Vader music while light saber fighting?

Off to watch The Office..


zanne said...

Wasn't The Office great? Go Jim and Pam!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Loved this episode!

Susan Beth said...

That is the coolest party favor idea ever! I may steal it next year when my boy turns 9.

Rebecca said...

Oooh! What gorgeous finds you have there! I absolutely adore the orange ball trim. Can't wait to see what you create with these goodies!

jen compton said...

i am absolutely loving the super fantabulous canvas i won at inspired. i won the door sign. it's on my mantel right now and i'm gazing at it as we speak. also on my mantel is my project from your class. it's unfinished but still looks beautiful. you are a rockstar!

if i ever come to texas, will you take me to uncommon objects?

are you EVER going to post your inspired.playlist? seriously, you've been home 5 days... geesh.

pb&j forever

jen compton

KALDesign said...

Hey Jen we have the same taste in fabric. The brown and turquoise Michael Miller Fabric from Craftorama....Actually have a pic on my blog too in my organization post. I made a pair of cropped sarong pants to take to Kauai with us.
Glad that Inspire was such a great success!!!
Welcome home.

stephanie Howell said...

I'm trying to talk jimmy into driving me to austin today so i can go to uncommon objects.
i've heard i will LOVE it!!

Jana said...

I had such a wonderful time with you last week!! I'm heading back your way today to bring my youngest to watch UT/OSU in baseball and hope to get the pics up on my blog tonight or tomorrow!! Love ya.

Maija said...

I am so happy-jealous you two had such a wonderful day!!