Thursday, March 13, 2008


Wow, so so busy right now with INSPIRED event stuff, school things, Spring Break, and life in general.
I'm a bad blogger right now and it might be that way for another week or two.
Sorry. :)

So.........tonight we're having these Fish Tacos for dinner, 'cept I'm using flounder instead of halibut. Yum!

Have you seen this commercial on TV? I love it! So funny and SO true.

What are you favorite home colors right now? Our living room is a basic earth tone setting (brown, ivory, white), but I change out the pillows on the sofa and the main drapes and it changes the theme of the room. Really inexpensive way to change for the seasons, and you can just rotate them thru the year. Right now I have celery green and red, but I'm about to change out to robin egg blue pillows and drapes for spring/summer. We'll see...

Gotta go cook. Bye!


Amanda Barras said...

My whole house has green and the living room is no exception! Green with reda accents. Warm browns in the wood floor, mantle and a new "Cup of Coco" brown accent wall.

Amanda B

Valita said...

This recipe looks yummy! I may to try it this weekend as well.

Valita said...

Oh and my favoriet home colors right now are a Tuscan gold color, burgandy and eggplant, but I so want to change my bedroom from red and black to robin blue and brown