Thursday, February 21, 2008



1. Bundles of Lavender, 2. These Boots Were Made for Stomping,
3. Laundry line, 4. banjo, 5. lots of tomatoes, 6. yellow chair hot day

Bleh...I've been sick with a fever and cough for two days, so finding these Flickr photos cheered me up.
Next to Fall, Spring/early Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the temperatures, flowers, rain, fruits,'s all just happy.

I received the most beautiful catalog in the mail yesterday from Country Door. Check them out!

Today I'm cutting almost 500 sheets of paper and tons of ribbon for class kits while sipping on a Starbucks iced coffee and watching TV. And it's cloudy/rainy outside. :) (I love the smell of new paper)

I posted this last year, but it's due for a repeat. We love Conan O'Brien.
Here, he visits a group that dresses up and plays 1864 a hobby.
They even play in "character." Enjoy!


Jana said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well but hopefully you'll be on the mend soon. ((hugs))

allie said...

I LOVE that clip---hahahahaha that is so funny....
Hope you feel better Jenny!!

Julia said...

Way too funny! How can you not love Conan! TFS