Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Another peek at my INSPIRED. Artist Workshop project.
Oh, it's soooooo pretty. :)

Last night I ordered a few more colors of German glass glitter here.
She has such wonderful prices and ships so quickly.
I got some red, pink, orange, teal, and blue. Fun!

I thought I'd share a few little area photos from my creative space.
(since I don't just scrapbook, I call it that..)

This is a pretty bird dish where I keep vintage postcards and bingo cards that I found at Uncommon Objects. The vintage postcards are something I collect now. I just love them.


This is a little shelf where I keep lots of pretty things. I have silk roses, silver beaded chain, glittered flowers, lots of ATCs from Silver Bella, and yeah, that's a picture of me from Silver Bella. ha! Kim Haynes took it and well, it was the only photo of me so I bought it! I sure was having fun. :)


Here's a 2-tier antique metal yellow basket where I keep stamps. That "JOY" word is so fun. I got that at Kohl's at Christmas and I'm keeping it out all year. The pink beaded heart is from Michael's Valentine section - $2.99!


This is an old metal basket where I keep chalk stamp pads. The photo on the front is actually a magnet I bought at Silver Bella. I LOVE that photo!


Gotta go finish making dinner and some gingerbread. (from a BOX)
:) Good night!


Teresa said...

Gingerbread from a box??? I like your style! Hey, it doesn't always have to be from scratch... Don't forget the CoolWhip!

Kara said...

looks divine.
i am ISO some vintage goodness. my new bathroom when we move is going to be romantic. :D
enjoy your gingerbread!!

stephanie said...

were we separated at birth?
just curious...
b/c i think maybe we were.

Susan Beth said...

Oh! I am so excited to do your class at Inspired Artist. You're making me go into anticipation mode earlier than I can handle - but that just looks like the greatest project!

Jana said...

Oooooooo, I love it all. SO fun to see so many fun SB memories in your room!!

Lisa Dickinson said...

oh your space looks DIVINE! love the vintage-y goodness!

Andrea Amu said...

Love all the vintage goodness! "Good Things", as Martha would say!
I'm going to one of my favorite vintage/antique shopping gallerias this weekend... wanna come along?! ;)