Monday, November 05, 2007


Three days until Silver Bella!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. So much to do. So many lists to make. So many decisions going from the 80's in Texas to the 40-50's in Omaha. :) How perfect!

Pictured here is a sneak peek of the ATC (Artist Trading Card) I made to swap with 11 other Bellas this coming weekend. I made 12 of these and I'll get one from each of the other gals in my group. For my card I went with the whole "Junk Gypsy/Glittery/Vintage Cowgirl" theme that we're doing on vendor night. Oh what fun this was to make! If you want to see the whole card, you can click here. If you're in my group and DON'T want to see it, don't peek! :) I'd never done an ATC before....I could get hooked on those quickly.

Do you clip coupons? I recently started doing it and while I'm not as professional about it as my sister Allison (Hi, Allie!) I do cut them out of the paper and use what I can. Tomorrow's grocery shopping list is accompanied by $20 in coupons to use!

Have a wonderful Monday. :)

"Lord, save us from worrying, lest ulcers be our badge for our lack of faith." - Peter Marshall


Cindi said...

I love your ATC and how you made it fit the event!

Yes, I cut coupons! It helps me save 30-50% every time!

Cupcake said...

Very pretty and shabby chic. I'm so wishing I was Silver Bella'ing. I don't know what I was thinking - Omaha is only a 5 hr drive for me - very doable! Next time!

Rachael said...

Your ATC looks beautiful!!

How cool about the coupons!!! Mine are always expired by the time I go to use them!

Michon said...

Jennifer you ATC is sooo stinking darling!! I love it! And good luck with the coupons. I always start and never remember to use them! LOL

Jennifer Sizemore said...

You ATC is great - very Silver Bella!

Toko said...

Hi Jennifer,

Your ATC is so beautiful !!
Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you come back..