Monday, August 06, 2007


Ok, so I listed a couple of kits on Etsy. Each one comes with very detailed instructions and personal assistance via email, lol. These each retailed for $25 each, so they are priced to move! Lots of goodies in each one. :) I'll work on getting more on there soon.
As I teach other classes, if I have any leftover kits they'll go on Etsy as well.
Link to my Etsy store is over there ~~~>

That scorpion is still hiding in my van. ARGH.

Here's a hilarious clip from The Office.
Dwight thinks it's Friday... :)

Jennifer :)


eclecticjoy said...

I was just looking at your creative space. I love using vintage items for organizing my supplies. Where did you get all those great sugar shakers? That is a great idea. Also, I noticed that you design for "Right at Home Scrapbooking" store. Where is that? When I lived in MA, I used to visit a store by that name in a town called North Attleboro. Is it the same place?

Cupcake said...

Find that darn scorpian. I'm not going to be able to sleep until I know that it is not roaming around in your van. AND whatever you do DO NOT come to Minnesota until you have found that creepy thing!
And that episode of The Office - one of my favorites!
Have a great day!!

Jackie said...

That scorpion is still hiding in my van. ARGH
Ok I am sorry but the van would be going back to the dealership! Oh my, I would be too distracted to drive..there must be a way to find it?? maybe take a black light out there in the dark, I have seen them find stuff in the outback like that?? Good luck!