Monday, August 13, 2007


Just trying out a new color and banner! :)

For anyone in/near Waco, my class samples will be up
this week at Crop, Paper, Scissors.
Go by and check them out!

On the menu tonight...

Pan-grilled salmon
Roasted sweet potatoes
Green salad

For the salmon, I just marinate fresh salmon in
orange juice, crushed garlic, and soy sauce for about
30 minutes. In just a little olive oil in a non-stick pan,
pan grill the salmon until done to your liking. (dh likes it rare)
Make sure the pan is good and hot so you get a good searing
on the outside of the salmon. Oh...I have the guy at the seafood
counter remove the skin/scales from the salmon when I buy it.

For the sweet potatoes....
Scrub, wash, peel, and big chunk dice 4-5 sweet potatoes.
In a baking dish, toss with a little olive oil, kosher salt (large grain)
and fresh-ground black pepper. Bake at 400 degrees until potatoes
are fork-tender. SO GOOD and SO easy.

And in memory of Merv is a clip from one of my
favorite Seinfeld episodes...where Kramer finds the old Merv
Griffin stage set in a dumpster and sets it up in his apartment. :)

Have a good night! Will blog more this week..
Jennifer :)


RoriK said...

Good morning Jennifer! Love your dinner DH would LOVE it! TFS
Have a spectacular day!

Deborah said...

Looks great...inspires me!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm can i come for sounds yummy!

i love seinfeld, do u watch julia d. new sitcom..."new christine,old christine?"

my mom will be in el paso and dallas in about 2 wks, i wish i was going with her....

have a great day and i'm gonna snag your reciepe...30 mins for the salmon? that's 15 on ea. side?
lynda in calif

Anonymous said...

oh wait, i just re read the reciepe, marinate for 30 mins...gotcha...

lynda in calif

Jana said...

Mmmmmm,so when do I get to come over for supper??? ;-)

Cupcake said...

I always love those clips you provide. They make for a bright spot in my day!

Take care!

Gretchen said...

Your dinner souns so yummy! I can't wait until I am able to cook again!!!

deb said...

Classic Seinfeld! I love your new blog banner. Very fall like.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, that Seinfeld is my all time fav episode!