Saturday, July 14, 2007


Good morning!
Wow, didn't realize I hadn't blogged all week.
Noah was in Vacation Bible School this past week and just loved it. I have such wonderful childhood memories of VBS. It's a lot fancier now than it used to be! (or maybe we just go to a bigger church?)
The project here is what I'll be teaching in September at the HOTS Club retreat (Heart of TX Scrapbook Club). It's an 11x14 sheet of acrylic filled with beautiful autumn papers and fun embellishments like hand-glittered flowers, vintage lace, buttons, metallic paint, rhinestones, and rub-ons. You can click on the photo for a larger view and more details...
Looks like we're staying in this weekend. Noah's eardrum ruptured after a night of a bad ear ache...poor baby. He's's just draining a LOT. We have several movies to watch, so we'll be lazy today. (it's going to rain anyway)
New 80's video alert ~~~~>
(somewhere in my garage is a cassette tape of me and 3 friends from high school singing this song in one of those recording booths in the mall...and yes, I still remember all of the words) :D
Have a wonderful weekend! David's in the kitchen right now making my migas recipe (below).
Smells so good!
Jennifer's Migas
I don't really have a set amount for all ingredients, sorry...just follow along. :)
This is also wonderful for a late Saturday breakfast or brunch!

1. In a large skillet, fry 8 slices of bacon. When crisp, remove from skillet, leaving bacon grease in the pan. (if there is an excess amount, pour some off. I use leaner bacon) Crumble the bacon when cooled and set aside.

2. Cut 8 corn tortillas into short strips. Dice one medium onion. Over medium heat with the bacon grease in the skillet, fry the onions until almost translucent. Add the tortilla strips to the pan and fry until slightly crispy. Remove onion and tortilla strips from skillet and drain on paper towel. Set aside.(*note: You can also add fresh sliced mushrooms to this step)

3. Break 8 eggs into a bowl and fork stir with a small amount of milk or cream until all yolks are well-incorporated. With just a small amount of the bacon grease left in the skillet, over medium heat add the egg mixture. Stir until lumpy, then begin folding over the egg mixture so it becomes fluffy. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Turn off the heat.

4. Add the onion/tortilla mixture to the cooked eggs and mix well. Sprinkle bacon on top. Top with shredded cheese (cheddar, jack, whatever you like) and cover with lid. Let sit for a few minutes until the cheese is melted. Dice 1-2 tomatoes. Uncover the skillet and sprinkle with tomatoes.

5. Serve with salsa and jalapenos (optional of course, but good!)
"The sweetest lesson I have learned in God's school is to let the Lord choose for me." - Dwight L Moody


Kim said...

Poor Noah. Hope he's feeling better. Sometimes it's nice to have a rainy, do nothing day. Wish I had more of them. I have to laugh. I see your Bangles Video in your sidebar and it reminds me of my wedding reception. The DJ played that and the whole place was "walking like an Egyptian". I am so glad I grew up in the 80's--what fun memories (although my teenagers would disagree :) )

Jana said...

Your autumn project is beautiful, I just love it! Hope Noah's ear heals up quickly and that you guys all have a nice relaxing weekend.

SWaters057 said...

Poor Noah. I hope he heals quickly and has no lasting effects. John ruptured his eardrum when he was a boy and now has a plastic eardrum.

LOVE your Autumn project! Wish I lived closer so I could come to your class. Instead, I will just have to scraplift the idea!


jeanne said...

Once again . . . stunning. You have such a creative gift.

Hope Noah feels better fast.

Kelli said...

Gorgeous project Jen! And I hope Noah feels better soon!

Nat said...

Hope Noah is feeling better soon! Love your project- that is amazing

Carla said...

I hope Noah is feeling better! Poor guy!

I have fond memories of VBS also. I had such fun and learned so much!

Again, the project is beautiful and thank you so much for using my family photo. I've heard from most of the family and we're all just giddy about it!