Monday, June 11, 2007


Good morning!

How strange.....
Other than one big, huge project that I'm working on this month, my calendar is blank.
Nothing to do. How can that be?
I'm very thankful for a break! :)

Noah, David, Luke (my nephew) and I are going tonight to see a sneak preview of Ratatouille, the new animated Pixar movie. The FUN part is that we are going to see it at The Alamo Drafthouse and the star of the movie (well, the voice anyway) will be there, doing a comedy act before the movie. We can't wait! If you've never been to the Alamo and you live in Austin.....GO. There's no better way to see a movie! You have a long bar table in front of you and you order food while you watch the movie. And it's GOOD food, too.

I spent the weekend in The Woodlands (north Houston) at a retreat put on by Lone Star Scrapbook. It was so much fun hanging out with scrapbookers and getting to know more people. :) Karrie did a fabulous job organizing the retreat and I think everyone had a great time. (and wow, they had some major door prizes) I looooooved meeting and rooming with Michele Charles, the Staz-On and stamping queen. She taught a gorgeous canvas project at the retreat.

One of the coolest things about this weekend was all of the FAMILY that was there. Karrie, the class and retreat coordinator, is the sister of Doug Jones, the owner of Bazzill. So he was there along with his daughter and teacher extraordinaire, Heidi Lynn Schreiber, and Doug and Karrie's mom, Millie. One of Karrie's sweet boys was always around, too, so it was definitely a family affair. I love this family! (like I needed another reason to love Bazzill)

Ok, who doesn't remember THIS 80's video? ~~~~>
I was on the high school drill (dance) team
and we did a dance to this song at halftime...with purple balloons.
Man....we were COOL.
I have a ton of stuff to put away...happy Monday!
"If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it." ~Andy Rooney

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Jana said...

Glad you had an awesome time in Houston and that your calendar is clear for a while so you can have a summer break. The movie tonight sounds like it'll be so much fun, let us know how the movie is!!