Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Good morning!
Just some funny kid stuff today :)

This photo is Noah yesterday, playing with his 12-year old cousin, Ethan. Ethan thought it would be fun to see how many weapons he could fit on Noah. I think the final count was 17. (Noah has a big box full of Star Wars blasters, various swords, and lots of Nerf guns.) When I took this photo I was just laughing inside because I KNEW how uncomfortable Noah was (see that look on his face?) but he wanted to do what his cool cousin wanted. Poor guy, lol!
Ok, and he does look cute... :)

The other day Noah and his cousin Luke (6) were playing outside on the swings. Here is a conversation they had that made me laugh and laugh...
Noah: Luke, I know my teacher's REAL name.
Luke: what is it?
Noah: Christa.
Luke: (pause) What's her fake name?

Yesterday while at Scrapbook Crossing (dropped off my canvas for my class) I bought Courtney Walsh's new book Scrapbooking Your Faith. It is an incredible book with gorgeous layouts, beautiful words, and Courtney's obvious love for Christ. (not just saying that because she's my friend!) Courtney walks you thru why each layout is important and why you should be doing the same type of layout for your own family. And yay, Heather Preckel also has her work featured in there! GO get this book.

I'm off to finish laundry. :)
(Thank you Lord for so many clothes to wash!)

- Jennifer

"When God doesn't want me to do something, I definitely know it. When he wants me to do something, even if it means going outside my comfort zone, I know that too. I feel pushed in the direction I need to go... I try to stand up for my faith at school... It can be discouraging, but it can also be rewarding... I will die for my God. I will die for my faith. It's the least I can do for Christ dying for me."

- Cassie Rene Bernall
(A 17-year-old from Columbine High School in
Littleton, Colorado, USA who died April 20, 1999)


Lisa G said...

Hi Jen :)

Anne said...

That photo of your son is so funny. My daughter is just starting to pick out things to wear and she has a dozy on yesterday!
Love that qoute.

Jana said...

Oh man, I miss the days when my boys would play dress up! I think that's just so cute, esp. for little boys because they need to do that sort of thing too. I can't wait to get my hands on that book!!!!

Sheila Doherty said...

ROFLMBO! That picture is so funny! Kids never cease to crack me up. :)

chris jenkins said...

what a funny picture!

that book sounds really interesting - i have yet to find a copy at the LSS.

Milaka said...

I love that picture of Noah! Great expression! Thanks for sending me your blog!