Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Piles. Lists. Errands. I am completely overwhelmed at the moment with things to do!

Sorry for not blogging for so long. Thanks for still coming here to see if I'm alive or not. :)

I'm finishing the samples for my home decor class for the Lone Star Scrapfest in June and getting ready for a huge historical festival at Noah's school in one week. I'm sort of second in charge of that so there is so much to do. It's such a blessing, but I'm looking forward to June!

Here are some random thoughts for today....

1. Harry Connick, Jr. Wow. We went to his concert last week and he is absolutely amazing.
And I got busted for attempting to take a photo with my camera phone. And it didn't even turn out.

2. Constantine Maroulis. This is weird.....I was talking to my sister today about Idol and how I'm just not really into it at all this year. I said I missed Constantine and Taylor, look over at the TV and Constantine is sitting down at a table on a soap opera. ha! He has some facial hair thing going on...sort of strange.

3. Shimmer Brads. I absolutely love these Making Memories shimmer brads. They are so pretty all shiny in a little jar. :)

4. SILVER BELLA!! Can I tell you how EXCITED I am about this? Jana, Heather, Maija and I are going!!! Three whole days of shabby, glitter, sparkly, inspirational stuff. I told Jana I'm gonna cry. :) Really. Rebecca Sower, Teresa McFayden, Pam Garrison...all in the same place?

5. Old Muffin Tins. People at Goodwill don't know that they could get $20 each for these at a vintage store. I like the 99 cent price tag they use!

6. Laverne and Shirley. I don't think there are any shows quite as funny as this one. (well, maybe The Office...) I have the first and second seasons on DVD and they are wonderful to watch while I create!

Speaking's a clip of one of my favorite L&S episodes. They have spent the entire night as medical "guinea pigs," earning money to go to this high class party. Laverne was deprived of sleep and Shirley was only allowed to eat dirt, lol. So at the party, Laverne is sleepy and Shirley is hungry. SO hilarious. Enjoy!


"Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there." ~Josh Billings


Anonymous said...

Saw Constantine also today! Yippee! I have to agree with you about AI this year. The only reason that my daughters are watching is because Jordin Sparks is from our area. I love Blake, but he doesn't compare to my Taylor! Cristal

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning!! I LOVE Laverne & Shirley they are so funny!!!!!! Also LOVE those glitter brads!! Gotta have that Bling :)

Your Curly Sister
ScrapDiva from RAHS

Jana said...

I JUST found out that our Constantine is now on B&theB....looks like I'm watching another soap now!! Yay for him! And...I can't even think about Silver Bella w/out feeling all giddy inside and it's still months away. Hope you have an awesome weekend w/your mom!!!!!!

Carla said...

Jen, that L&S clip is too funny!! And can I tell you how envious I am about Silver Bella?! It makes me want to seriously consider going, especially given the group you're going with. Plus it would be fun to take a trip down Memory Lane in Omaha -- my 1st assignment in the AF, and where I met my future dh. :)

TracieClaiborne said...

I love the Laverne and Shirley where Lenny says to Squig..."think about it Squig" and Squiggy says, "with what?"